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    ROFL, I was asked today “were you there?” haha, what a preposterous question to use to try to prove any point, Neither of us were there… So we are both limited to having to rely on historical evidence, linguistic evidence, literary evidence, etc, etc, etc! we BOTH know this… now move on!

    I’ve seen several people say “the bible is very clear on this issue” (ROFLMAO clearly these people have never read their bible) By this line of reasoning, the bible is clear on a lot of things. It’s also clear that men are not to cut their beards. It’s also clear that you shouldn’t wear clothing of blended fabrics. Gee, all of America fails that one. And here people like to start pointing out the I’m just cherry picking… (lol… they clearly are unfamiliar with the term cherry picking.) They are simply wrong. Cherry picking is what “christians” are doing by taking a verse like Leviticus 18:22 and proving homosexuality is a sin, but then completely ignoring alll the other “laws” that are right around it! Just a few chapters before this section, Leviticus states that shellfish are an “abomination” …in chapter 19 God commands not to wear blended fabrics, cut your sideburns, etc, etc! (these are just a few, but trust me, there a many more examples)

    Individuals usually retort back to this with “those things are cultural… homosexuality is not!” ROFLMFAO!!! (Clearly these people are familiar with logic and reason!)

    How can anyone state that the stuff in chapters 11 & 19 are dictated by society, but chapter 18 is not? It either ALL must stand true today, or all must change. If it all stands true, then we are all fucked. Most all clothing is blended, you barely have any hair on you at all, and seafood is a delight in America! If you read the bible as it SHOULD be read, then you will notice books of pure poetry, books of songs, books of history, books lining out CUSTOMS and TRADITIONS, etc, etc, etc… These books should be read as they were written to be read! When you look at the bible in an exegetical manner, (not using personal bias) things in the bible become MUCH clearer! But most “christians” practice Eisegesis by having their idea, and searching the bible for little verses here and there to prove that god is on their side… This is what ends up creating contradictions and theology the doesn’t seem to quite fit right with the message of Jesus. This is also why “christians” fought against movements such as the equal rights for women movement, and the end slavery movement! yeah, “christians” lead the fight AGAINST women’s rights and black rights, and they had WAAAY more than 6 verses to back them up on those issues! but fast forward to today, and the theology of women submitting is MUCH, MUCH different than the late 1800′s! Society changed, so theology jumped right on board! It has happened, and continues to happen!

    One thing that I get frustrated with when it comes to discussions within “christianity” are “christians” that outright DENY historical, manuscript, linguistic, etc, etc evidence. If you are going to remain true to the bible, you are supposed to investigate and test the “truths” contained in the bible. Due to MODERN day “chrisitanity” dictating an unquestioning faith (which is contrary to what the bible says), “christians” have stopped doing what PAUL said to do! Paul commended Christians for investigating and testing, and told other Christians to start investigating things to see if they were true or not. He HIMSELF did the same thing! for anyone to NOT do so is ascinine!

    Man has used the bible and wrapped up their personal vendettas in the word “christian” for thousands of years… Entire wars have been waged in god’s name. Why are we any different today? We’re not! We just go about it in a more manipulative back-stabbing manner these days. I’m just saying instead of being so dogmatic, we need to realize that man is corrupt, and uses things like religion to get across agenda. It is a VERY powerful tool for fear and control, probably the MOST powerful tool for fear and control! This is exactly why I constantly compare our modern “christians” to the Pharisees and Sadducees. Because I fail to be able to see distinction between the two

    My entire point is nothing more than for “christians” to open their minds just a tad bit to realize “Gee, maybe I don’t know everything. Maybe I don’t have it all figured out. I COULD be mistaken about _____________.” (fill in the blank)

  • http://boggsism.wordpress.com/ Socratic Nietzsche

    The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.
    — Socrates