Could Obama Be The Next Lincoln?

With a country so divided could Obama be the next Lincoln? I think so and here is why….

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  • Harley Mathews

    I love this section of Patheos. Every blog has been wonderful. Faith and Politics is usually so mediated and turned into a ‘point by point’ discussion rather than a ‘real talk’ open dialogue like I am seeing on various Patheos blogs.
    I voted with my wife tuesday, I voted for Obama, for many of the same reasons listed by Whiskey Preacher, as well as I feel the most authentic version of faith is very well said by the current President. The discussions about not just dialogue with people of multiple faiths (that has happened for a long time) but running for a commitment to work together, ‘faith together’, and realize that we exist together, and that says more about our country than any list of amended doctrines would. Thanks for posting Phil! Always a joy to listen.

  • Eric

    I wish I could agree. I don’t think anyone can unify us as a country. We are so divided on so many issues I just don’t believe any one person can bridge the gap. That being said, I believe President Obama is sincere in efforts. There’s no question in my mind that the President is far and away our best option. He’s intelligent, thoughtful, capable, knowledgable, honest and very accomplished. I’m proud to say that I’ve already cast my vote for him and I’m very hopeful and optimistic for his second term.

  • Casual Heretic

    Uhm…. Yeah… Jesus said that first. Matt 12:25