Sesshin Invitation: Reviewing and Renewing the Buddhadharma

Thursday, March 1, 7pm – Sunday, March 4, 1pm, 2012, at the lovely Deep Spring Temple near Pittsburgh, PA. In this sesshin, we’ll commemorate the 22nd year memorial of Katagiri Roshi’s death. In that spirit, the focus will be to review the Buddhadharma (what is the essential point?) and to renew our practice. Dosho will give the dharma talks and offer dokusan. Suggested donation: $150. Please contact for more information or to register.

Zenshin Tim Buckley Dies: One Heartbeat, Ten Thousand Buddhas
Practicing Through Snow and Cold (or Whatever Afflictions May Visit)
BTW, We Have to Remove Your Feet: Being Mortal, Waking Up, and Dying Together
The Way of Tenderness: the Form and Emptiness of Race, Sexuality, and Gender
  • Desiree

    He says here, “Even if there is a difference of views between humans and heavenly beings and the minds of ordinary and sacred(Sacred) are seperate from one another,” in other words in terms of your speculation you don’t understand exactly oneness and…truth, etc. And buddha and ordinary peoples. Very naturally there is discrimination between. So you don’t understand it. (thats what he said) Even if there is a difference of views between the human and the heavenly beings, and the mind of ordinary and sacred are seperate from one another..

    Snow all over is earth, earth is snow all over. Without snow all over there is no earth in the entire world. The outside inside of this snow all over is Old Guatama’s eyeball….
    ~MZMC, Katagiri Roshi – Shobogenzo, Baika: Plum Blossoms (1 of 6)

    • doshoport

      Thanks, Desiree, Baika is one of my favorite of K-r’s Shobogenzo series.


  • Gregory

    Heavenly beings, huh? Unless that’s a very bad translation and means enlightened humans, that sounds very un-Buddhist. Beware the invasion of Buddha’s atheist and anti-metaphysical teachings from the dominant feudal religions with which it had to coexist for 2,500 years. India and Tibet are still dominated by feudal culture, and it still has a strong influence in Japan, but Buddha was a prince who rejected the feudal system. Now, many of the schools of Buddhism are all about hierarchies that we are “born into,” in other words, feudalism (in India, the caste system), and Hindu reincarnation, which Buddha also rejected as magical thinking. Our job as Buddhists is to apply our brains to the discovery of what’s real. Magical thinking about heavenly beings will never get us there.

  • doshoport


    Not sure where “heavenly beings” occurs unless it’s in Katagiri’s talk, Review and Renew Buddhism. If so, I believe he was referring to the god realms, standard part of the Buddhist cosmology. I find it to have at least a nice metaphorical significance to our lives … but the cosmology of dharma practitioners certainly could use an update.



  • Desiree

    I feel its not disrespectful for me to say, that this is like asking for Dante to update The Divine Comedy; from which Dali would then have to re-do his watercolors. Thats asking alot from two mononyms…

    • Desiree

      Updating the cosmology of dharma practictioners would take quite the composers and orchestrators.