Koun Franz’s Nyoho Zen Blog is Up!

One of the emerging voices in our blooming Zen conversation is Koun Franz, a young American guy who’s trained exclusively in Soto Zen in Japan and so offers quite a different perspective, especially in terms of what’s available online.

If you follow this Wild Fox blog you might remember Koun’s provocative posts here, “Standing in One’s Position” and “Authentic Practice.”

I’m delighted to see that Koun has just started a blog, Nyoho Zen, (here).

Here’s a little snippet of his recent post, “You’re Free to Stay:”

“Zen masters were met on American shores by members of a counterculture that valued freedom above all other things, and there was ample evidence that these little bald men were offering exactly that.  That counterculture rejected ideas of rank and formality.  It rejected the idea that there were any “shoulds” in spiritual practice. In fact, those bald men came representing a tradition of precision and conformity.  Their training had been to do everything—from washing their faces in the morning to bowing to using the toilet—in a neatly prescribed way, the way their teachers had done it and their teachers had done it, for centuries.  They were products of one of the most elegantly refined systems of vertical hierarchies the world has ever known.  From any Western perspective, they had trained in a very, very tight box.  If they had anything to teach, it was born of that training.”

Wholehearted welcome to Koun’s Nyoho Zen!

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  • http://nyoho.com Koun

    Thank you, Dosho, for an unbelievably generous introduction. I’m a little intimidated by the vast blogosphere, but I would be very happy if some of your faithful readers were to jump into my little conversation. It’s an honor to be mentioned here.

  • http://www.authorsamguthrie.com Sam Guthrie

    Hi Dosho! Sam Guthrie is my writing & interwebs name, I’m actually a guy who knew you from the MZMC (you married me and my wife in ’92, which phrases always make me want to launch off on a Monty Python-ish tangent, but never mind). Anyway, I’m working on a Buddhist essay and need a few pointers on some Dharma, and wondering if I could bug you with them. I couldn’t figure out any other way to contact you, so I hope this is okay. Also, I just followed you on Twitter, so if you followed me back, I could DM you and such. Hope you’re well. I totally dig your blog and your writing voice.