Expressing A Dream In A Dream 100-Day Practice

If you happen to be reading this and live in the White Bear area, you might be interested in this practice period invitation:

Monday, January 28-Monday, May 13

You are invited to participate in the upcoming home-based, 100-day practice period, making a commitment to daily sitting-zen, ongoing dharma study, and some of the intensive sitting-zen opportunities too (see below for details).

The question “what is the meaning and measure of this life?” will be the theme for this practice period. We’ll use a Dogen text, “Expressing a Dream within a Dream” and Clayton Christensen’s How Will You Measure Your Life? to focus and inspire our inquiry. And playing with Keizan’s approach to dreams as well.

The Monday night sessions are usually like this:
6:30 sitting zen and dokusan
~7:10 sutra recitation
~7:20 tea and “the meaning and measure of this life” conversation
8:30 end of session

The one-day sittings Monday, February 18, and Saturday, March 16, are strongly recommended.

Dosho will be leading sesshin in Pittsburgh (February 1-3) and you are welcome to attend.

Contact Dosho at for more information about any of the above.

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  • Al

    I wish I wasn’t in California for this… (Well, no, given the weather, I’m fine where I am but…)

    • doshoport

      Hey, it’s 31 degrees!

  • Al

    It was 60 or so here today. A neighbor was mowing her lawn and flowers still bloom here.

    • doshoport

      Alright ! Alright! Stop! Stop! We’ve got about 3 more months of winter. Plenty of time to dream.