That Wonderful Tail

This morning in the woods I caught Bodhi's tail in a shot unexpectedly and thought of one of my favorite and bedeviling koans, Gateless Gate # 38: Wu-tsu's Bffalo Passes Through the Window. Later on, with the winter approaching and the daylight shrinking, I turned to savoring some old Dogen poems. I stumbled on Dogen also chewing on this wonderful tail. So first the koan with verse and then Steven Heine's translation from A Blade of Grass (apparently out of print):Wu-tsu said, "It is like a buff … [Read more...]

Flowers Fall, Weeds Grow

Though this is so, flowers fall when we cling to them and weeds grow when we dislike them.In this fourth sentence of the Genjokoan, Dogen moves from talking about the faces of reality to directly showing it with live words. "If you take them to the dokusan room," said Yasutani Roshi, "they make a wonderful koan. If you start to lecture even a little bit you'll be chased out of the dokusan room by the master's bell." Indeed, because it is so simple, it takes so long to clarify. Yet Bokusan Roshi s … [Read more...]

Marriage and the Swirl of Sameness and Difference

Question: What is your opinion on marriage? Is it attachment itself? And, is that a negative thing?I was reading a book by Anthony De Mello…THE WAY OF LOVE. He says, “If you seek to make yourself special to anyone—that is attachment…you will lose your freedom…and you will suffer.” If so, how does one deal with a marriage partnership? If I observe myself, I am very much in this with my partner—not married yet. I feel it is a bit of a crippling fact at times. I think the fear of loss of the person … [Read more...]


Here's a little excerpt from a talk by Katagiri Roshi:Even though you have a custom of seeing this total situation in terms of your view point, practically, please be flexible, magnanimous.  Take a deep breath right in the middle of confusion.Don't see this situation only from your own point of view, your own self-grasping.  In your everyday life, please be right in the Universe.  If you see this situation of being in the Universe in terms of your understanding only, your life becomes rigid … [Read more...]

The Stuart Davis Show – Episode 6 This video clip contains considerable profanity and sexually explicit material. Thank you for zipping this to me, you know who! And Happy Thanksgiving. … [Read more...]

John Lee Hooker – It Serves Me Right to Suffer … [Read more...]

Straight Up From Dogen’s Extensive Record

179. Dharma Discourse[Dogen] said:  The World-Honored One said, “When one person opens up reality and returns to the source, all space in the ten directions disappears.”Teacher Wuzu of Mount Fayan said, “When one person opens up reality and returns to the source, all space in the ten directions crashes together resounding everywhere.” Zen Master Yuanwu Keqin of Jiashan said, “When one person opens up reality and returns to the source, in all space in the ten directions flowers are added on to bro … [Read more...]

Bob Dylan – Most of the Time (FULL VERSION) … [Read more...]

The Moon in a Drop of Water

Question: I read this in a book by Wolinsky. What if so-called trauma is ongoing for us if we unconsciously compare what we are getting now—in the world—to stillness or essence? In other words, we expect perfection of “prior to form” in the world of forms…without knowing it, we keep hurting ourselves because it doesn’t exist in our view of the formed world. Well, unless you have one foot in stillness. So, perhaps everyone around us, and ourself, is coming up short due to this unconscious comparis … [Read more...]