Images from Faerieworlds Harvest 2011

Yesterday I discussed my impressions of Faerieworlds, a Pagan-friendly event that takes place in Eugene, Oregon, today I’d like to share some more images from my time there. In addition, I also urge you to check out the latest episode of A Darker Shade of Pagan, which features an interview with Oliver s.Tyr of Faun, recorded at Faerieworlds Harvest (there’s also some great music to listen to).

Singer-songwriter SJ Tucker being very tall.

Lupa, author of "Skin Spirits," at her shop.

Bonfire lighting ceremony (members of Woodland are playing near the fire).

Stellamara playing on the main stage.

Faun playing on the main stage.

Another photo of Faun playing at Faerieworlds Harvest.

I hope you enjoy the photos. Websites for those featured: FaunS.J. TuckerWoodland, Lupa, and Stellamara. If you’d like to experience Faerieworlds for yourself, but aren’t in the Pacific Northwest, Mythic Events throws similar events across the United States, so check it out!

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  • WhiteBirch

    Looks lovely! I’ll have to see if there’s an event near me next year.

  • Alice C. “A.C.” Fisher Aldag

    What a lovely thing to see, happy Pagans having a wonderful time at a great event. Thank you for photos!

  • Dharma Kelleher

    How awesome is that? I would love to take a motorcycle road trip up to see it! Thanks for sharing about it! Beautiful photos!

  • AnonGuest

    Very nice photos! The NW is lucky to have such events :)

  • Richie

    yeah one of the many reasons I need to move to OR….

  • Sandi Crawford

    New follower here! That looks like so much fun. I used to live in Eugene and never heard anything about that! UGH! I will have to go check it out one day! Thanks for posting!!


  • A. Marina P. Fournier

    The picture with the bonfire was caught at just the right time to seem as if there is a humanoid fire elemental dancing there…just wow!

  • AstroHerbalist

    Wished we were there this year, thanks for sharing the pics!