Happy Autumnal Equinox

Today is the Autumnal Equinox which signals the beginning of Fall in the northern hemisphere (our friends in the southern hemisphere are celebrating the Spring Equinox). On this day there will be an equal amount of light and darkness, and after this day the nights grow longer and we head towards Winter. In many modern Pagan traditions this is the second of three harvest festivals (the first being Lughnasadh, the third being Samhain).Anderida Gorsedd, The Long Man of Wilmington, Autumn Eq … [Read more...]

Patrick McCollum Not Pursuing Supreme Court Appeal, Shepherding New Rights Cases

Last night on the PagansTonight show special guest Patrick McCollum, a noted chaplain and activist within the Pagan community, announced that he would not be pursuing a Supreme Court appeal to a recent 9th Circuit Court ruling that upheld a lower court decision stating he doesn't have standing to challenge California's discriminatory "five faiths" policy. This policy limits the hiring of paid chaplains to Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, and Native American adherents."I have decided … [Read more...]

A New Pagan Publisher Launches and other Pagan News of Note

Top Story: Solar Cross, a non-profit religious organization dedicated to pan-magical practice, worship, education, research and outreach, co-founded by T. Thorn Coyle, Jonathan Korman, and Robert Russell, has announced the official launch of their organization's e-publishing venture."Solar Cross is pleased to announce the official launch of our e-publishing venture with the release of the formerly out of print Magick of Qabalah. This is the first in a line of magickal, esoteric, and … [Read more...]

Interview with Owen Davies, author of “Paganism: A Very Short Introduction”

Owen Davies is Professor of Social History at the University of Hertfordshire and author of books that specialize in subjects relating to witchcraft and the practice of magic, including "Popular Magic: Cunning-folk in English History", "Witchcraft, Magic and Culture, 1736-1951", and "Grimoires: A History of Magic Books". His most recent work is part of Oxford University Press' Very Short Introductions series, in which he tackles the subject of Paganism, both ancient and modern. I was lucky enoug … [Read more...]