Selena Fox Featured in Wisconsin Public Television Documentary

Selena Fox, founder and co-executive director of Circle Sanctuary, an international Nature Spirituality resource center based in southwestern Wisconsin, will be appearing in an upcoming documentary about the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway entitled “Rhythm of the River.”


“Explore the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway, a unique slice of our state that flourishes under a public/private land management plan.”

Fox appears in a segment dedicated to spiritual dimensions of the river, and part of a public ceremony facilitated by Fox and members of Circle Sanctuary will be featured.

“Selena Fox of Circle Sanctuary was among those appearing in the interfaith part of the film that explored some of the spiritual dimensions of the river. Toward the end of the film, Selena also spoke about the need to celebrate and preserve the river as part of a public celebration of the river in August 2009. This event included an environmental ceremony facilitated by Selena that celebrated the river and those connected with it. Members of the Circle Sanctuary Community also took part in the celebration and ritual.”

You can glimpse just a snippet of the ceremony at the end of the preview clip. For those with access to Wisconsin Public Television, the documentary airs Thursday, September 8th, with rebroadcasts throughout the month of September. For those who don’t live in Wisconsin, the film is available on DVD from producer/director Dave Erickson. For more information about the project, call 608-583-3366.

Congratulations to Selena Fox and Circle Sanctuary!

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  • Baruch Dreamstalker

    “You can glimpse just a snippet of the ceremony at the end of the preview clip.”

    Would that be what looked like two people wielding a net without holes?

  • Jason Pitzl-Waters

    No, the silhouetted group on the river bank at the very end.

  • Crick

    Coming from a Appalachia witch who is not a Neo Pagan, this may ruffle a few feathers. Selena Fox epitomizes the concept among old school pagans that Wicca is simply a Tea Party of Christianity. She has set herself up as a missionary who goes around extolling the attributes of Wicca as if her basic form of paganism represents all of the paths that comprise real paganism. Her path is a good stepping stone into more serious paths, but nothing more. It is 101 paganism reguritated over and over by such self empowered missionaries…

  • AnonGuest

    Crick, Selena Fox works with Lady Liberty League. Your path is different, and mine too, but this does not mean we are not more serious than she, or her path less real, deep, and fruitful.
    I know than when the mess hits the fan, LLL is more likely to be there than most groups.
    If the Tea Partiers and religious evangelists worked as hard as LLL and Selena Fox to support actual Liberty, Freedom, and Religious Freedom instead of using them as buzz-words to cover up support for oppression and bigotry in their political games and colleges – I’d love them, too.

  • Baruch Dreamstalker

    Crick, your description of Selena Fox is about 1/3 description, 1/3 interpretation and 1/3 attribution of motive. A fairer description is that she is high-profile but not radical, not a tourism attraction and is involved with community. IOW just the kind of representative we want as the first impression non-Pagans get of Paganism.

  • Alice C. “A.C.” Fisher Aldag

    Coming from an Upper Peninsula folkloric “witch” who ain’t neo-Pagan, either, I think that Rev. Selena Fox has done more for the magickal, Pagan, Wiccan and Polytheistic community than nearly everyone else. Not to mention her own local community. She may not represent my particular path / lineage but Selena has done more to represent Pagan veterans, to make Pagan religions legitimate in the public eye, and to positively endorse Pantheism and Wicca in the media, than any other American clergy person.

    Tea party what? Selena is a liberal who endorsed the union efforts for public workers in Wisconsin. We conservatives were opposed to more unionization of publicly-funded services. Where did that come from, that Wicca is looked upon as some rightist organization amongst “old school Pagans”?

    Politics aside, Selena Fox and Circle are amazing. And while we’re at it… Let’s hear it for more GOOD news on the Wild Hunt and in the media in general.

  • Mia

    We do have pretty awesome rivers around here, and it’s good to see someone else giving a lot of focus to them. I knew she had a preserve of sorts on her land, but I didn’t realize the extent of it. Good for her.