Elemental Blessings for an Interfaith Thanksgiving

Our circle joins the Interfaith Alliance in our region for a Thanksgiving service, alongside members of many religions. The following Elemental Blessings are our Witchy contribution. Read more

Lessons of Autumn’s Holy Mess

Like the trees of autumn teach us, the way to survive the end of one cycle, is to drop the weight of last year’s leaves that we can no longer afford to feed. We, too, must strip ourselves bare, making a holy mess. Then allow the chill severity of purification to help us reset for the next big thing. Read more

Rites of Passage: Eldering of Crone and Sage

As the Pagan and Witching communities grow in wisdom and accomplishment, eldering rites for our Crones and Sages become a vital sacred task. We share our ritual in hopes that it will inspire the diverse traditions of Pagandom to develop their own. Read more

Wiccaning Ceremony: Welcoming a Child to the Witching Community

A Wiccaning is a rite of passage held for a baby born to Witches. It is a naming ceremony, a presentation to the community, and a magickal pledge to be good parents. Read more

Samhain Ritual: Wake of the Fallen King

Journey with me to a Witch’s Sabbat, an intimate peek at a Samhain Ritual with our coven of Modern Witches. Won’t you join us in our dance with the dead? Read more

Witchin’ in the Kitchen: Beef and Barley Purple Stew, a Longevity Potion

This hearty stew is so satisfying when the autumn descends into winter’s chill. I named this creation Purple Stew, because I’ve long thought about my nutritional balance based on the color of the vegetables I’m eating. Purple is for longevity. Read more

For Tomorrow We May Die – The Witch’s Dumb Supper

On Samhain night, witches typically hold a Dumb Supper, where we eat, drink, and are merry, for tomorrow we may die. This season, that threat has never felt more real. Read more

The Grinch Who Stole My Halloween

The Grinch who stole my Halloween is a broken and fearful society lead by an orange, weirdly-groomed lunatic who only loves himself, planet and decency be damned. But what are all us witches down in Whoville supposed to do about it this winter? Read more

The Bagabi Incantation: A Summoning to Samhain

Where does the Bagabi incantation come from? Does it conjure the devil, or invite witches to come scrub the Samhain feast dishes? As per standard witching procedure, there were conflicting opinions. Either way, it has summoning power. Read more

Witchin’ in the Kitchen: Headless Horseradish Kielbasa and Cabbage

My German ancestors used horseradish as a warding talisman against the boogyman. This dish is what I’ll be serving before trick or treating this Halloween! Read more

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