What I See through Aphrodite’s Rose-Colored Glasses

I’ve now served Aphrodite for three years and I will never think about the phrase “rose colored glasses” in the same way again. Rather than a filter of lovey-dovey naivety, it’s more like X-Ray vision that strips back the veil to see the truth. [Read more…]

Witchin’ in the Kitchen: Satan’s Favorite Chicken Crack Dip Recipe

I am breaking my own ethical vows to “harm none” by posting this Chicken “crack” dip recipe. Like a snack-dealer hovering in the shadows at the edge of a playground, tempting you with this creamy, spicy carnal bliss on a cracker….come closer my pretties….the first taste is free… [Read more…]

Crafting Ostara Candles with the Fire of Aries

This Ostara, how about a craft project to make “Fire of Aries” candles? As we cross into the zodiac sign of Aries, we will tap into the cardinal fire energies that mark the beginning of the Spring season. [Read more…]

A Witch’s Altar is More than a Table of Tchotchke: A Consecration Ritual

More important than WHAT is on a witch’s altar is HOW you activate it’s powers and then utilize them. The Witch is the catalyst that transmutes a table full of arcane tchotchke into a microcosm of empowerment. [Read more…]

Witchin’ in the Kitchen: Ostara Devil-May-Care Stuffed Eggs

This is the time of Maiden Goddesses, Horned Gods, the fertile hare, and for gaily colored eggs shared as a blessing between friends. But once you’ve dyed all those eggs, what are we to do with them? Allow me to make a suggestion… [Read more…]

11:11 Wake-Up Call: Pisces, Swords and Angelic Guidance

Things are popping and shifting, magick and miracles are afoot. I dream and wake into this day of Jupiter, an important day for personal reasons, with an Angelic Wake-up call… allow me to lay out how Spirit just moved through this Piscean Witch’s life… [Read more…]

Midlife Crises Birthday, Over the Hill or the Fulcrum of my Life?

No one said that it would be easy to live a well-examined, sovereign life. If transcending beyond a materialistic, fearful state of mind were easy, surely more people would do it. I knew that openly living a witch’s life, and opening a metaphysical store, would require a few sacrifices, but witchcraft itself is like an instruction manual on how to roll with those punches. [Read more…]

Ostara Incense Recipe: Magickal Herbalism Like you Really Mean It

This Ostara Sabbat, be the uber-witch: ritualistic, creative and empowered as you create an incense blend! Why not dig in and truly engage in everything you do? Seize the day with both hands, both sides of your brain and all 7 chakras and know you’ve affected change in the world. [Read more…]

An Ostara Sabbat Ritual for the Large Coven

Ostara is the second sabbat in our Great Work of magick, with the agricultural theme of fertilizing the seeds of intention we planted at Imbolc. We utilize the fires of Aries to germinate and activate the life force within our magick, echoing what is awakening in nature all around us. [Read more…]

Be of the World…It’s the Best Part of Witchcraft

All hungry, lusty and transcendent, our magick works the Will into the meeting of our needs–whether that need be for a lover, the right job to pay the mortgage, or a cosmic-egg-cracking, bush-burning, Divine Conversation of apocalyptic proportions–in witchcraft, that is OK. Strike that…in witchcraft it is a requirement. [Read more…]