Pilgrimage to Mystic South

Every year, I try to make one spiritual pilgrimage to learn from the luminaries in Paganism, Polytheism, Witchdom and beyond. The time, effort and money spent traveling to festivals and conferences have always been worthwhile investments for me; Mystic South was no exception. [Read more…]

Confessions of a Snake Oil Salesman

There are days when I feel like a snake oil salesman. I confess my disenchantment with the metaphysical industry, which I know to be just as exploitative as any other business, despite its “self-help” facade. [Read more…]

Lammas Ritual of Integration and Sacrifice

This Lammas ritual celebrates high summer by magickally preparing fire-roasted corn on the cob, AND crafting corn dollies from the husks. Oh, and there are cool casting techniques with besoms…which is super witchy. [Read more…]

Excavating Paganism: A Wiccan Encounter in the Wilds of South Carolina

When did I start practicing paganism? That was a long trip that took about 10 years to unpack, but it begs that I tell you the story of my first encounter with a Wiccan Priest in the wilds of South Carolina, and how it changed my life forever. [Read more…]

Witchin’ in the Kitchen: Yin and Yang Chocolate Cake Recipes

June is wedding and hand-fasting season, and so I offer these recipes as a simple choice for homemade wedding cakes. They are decadent and super easy to make! [Read more…]

The Pentacle Approach to Wellness: Balancing the Fires of the Will

My will is my fire; and when my personal will is in alignment with my Highest Divine Will – when my power flows freely from microcosm to macrocosm – I wield the most powerful tool in creation: magick. [Read more…]

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Witchin’ in the Kitchen: Summer Spinach Quiche Recipe

This recipe for a spinach and ham quiche is pretty easy to make, and great for summer picnics and potlucks because they can be made in advance as they are just as delicious at room temperature. [Read more…]

Under the Love Spell of Ocracoke Island

The Ocracoke island vibe is other-worldly, wrapped in shoreline on all sides, held in the balance of land, sea and sky. Magick happens every time I return, and this time it was especially powerful. [Read more…]

Litha Ritual for One: Solar Potion Recipe for Fortune, Success and Prosperity

This Litha ritual for the solitary witch creates a solar potion. A potion is a liquid preparation of herbs, fruits and spirits that is blended for a specific magickal purpose. You can drink this delicious brew, and let it nourish you and the Great Work of Magick, on all levels. [Read more…]

Spell for the Magus: I am the Magick

The end-game of the pursuit of magick, is to discover that it is a continuous state of being–the most simple and natural state of being. You play the music of the Uni-verse (One Song) and realize that every consciousness within it is a fellow musician playing their part. [Read more…]