The more we are aware of the dangers of cult behavior, the better able we are to navigate clear of them. Read more

Sexual power requires the most delicate and stringent responsibility, which is why we should discuss our expectations for the ethical sexual conduct of our witching leaders. Read more

Belief is defined as the ideas one accepts to be true. Witchcraft is an Orthopraxy – meaning right action – so we aren’t in the business of standardizing beliefs, nor telling other people what they should believe. Read more

Which witchery will Millennials adopt and adapt for their time? Which witchery do they reject and will allow to die out? How can us older Witches, as writers, teachers, priest/esses and shopkeepers, best support them? Read more

Radishes are used in witchcraft for protection and fire magick because of associations with the planet Mars. But here is my favorite part: according to Scott Cunningham, radishes increase lust when eaten! Read more

My Beltane didn’t much look like witchcraft from the outside, but internally I shed that blinder of self-importance so I could kneel naked before the Dark Queen in full gratitude, finally understanding the lessons of the High Priestess. Read more

Whenever I discover that someone has stolen from my witchy shop, I pity the fool. Read more

Wisdom is a witch’s business; truth is our currency; action is our vocation. You’re a witch in these dark times? My condolences. Read more

Witch: This “Shadow Work” I keep hearing about isn’t very fun at all.  I’d rather not… Universe: But I insist… Witch distracted by something shiny: OOOH! Look at this romantic new bauble of witchery I just acquired to cork the creeping darkness I refuse to acknowledge!  I’ll just keep stuffing it down with another crystal amulet.  Maybe if I put a second gemstone ring on every finger, it will form a sort of shadow-mask to hide this necrotic bane I’m… Read more

I don’t think there are any blue moons in 2018, Despite what your Llewellyn Witches’ Calendar may tell you. Now, before you git yer garters in a twist, allow me to explain myself… Read more

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