A Litha Ritual of Highlight and Shadow

I offer for your consideration this Litha ritual with techniques to engage all the celebrants as contributors, regardless of their previous witching experience. [Read more…]

Shopkeeper Sagas: The Hogwarts Disappointment

I wonder if sometimes the gods disguise themselves as my more interesting customers and come to confront me with some shadowy prejudice I still have. Do they offer me an initiatory test, the way the gods challenged the mythological heroes of old? [Read more…]

Shopkeeper Sagas: Frankenstein and Myrrph

As a shopkeeper in a metaphysical/witchy store, one must have many skills and areas of expertise to be successful. Most important among these are the diplomatic arts of Straightfacery and Subtle Correction. [Read more…]

A Funny Thing Happened at the Dionysian Ritual

This is the tale of that fateful Samhain in the wilds, where Jason Pan Mankey invoked the God Dionysus and a party broke out, we all let our hair down and danced around like crazy teenagers until some magickally curious, and seriously funny shenanigans went down…. [Read more…]

Inner Mystery Ritual of the Witch’s Simple Feast

We call this the “Inner Mystery” blessing of the simple feast. Its a far more detailed and involved rite that we bring out on the high ceremonial occasions like Beltane and Initiations, that speak specifically to the sacred marriage of anima and animus within each of us. [Read more…]

Beltane Songs for Maypole Dancing and the Sacred Marriage

Beltane is in full dancing swing, and just in time for your reels and gigs around the Maypole this weekend, I present to you two brand new Beltane songs, just written by our coven’s newest initiate: Epona Petra! [Read more…]

But Wait! More Beltane! A Case for Astrological Timing of the Sabbats

To me, celebrating Beltane on May 1st is like premature ejaculation then passing out while your partner is still all hot and bothered. Don’t stop now! We are just getting to the good part! Allow me to make my case… [Read more…]

Witchin’ in the Kitchen: Bacchus’ Beltane Spear and Bean Salad

Why is it Bacchus’ Salad? At Beltane, I’m very interested in carnal enjoyment, indulgence, and a feasting for all my senses, including delicious foods. Plus, red-wine vinegar and asparagus and chickpeas are just so darned phallic. I dunno, it just fits the bill. Hail Bacchus! [Read more…]

Witchin’ in the Kitchen at Beltane: Chocolate Aphrodisiac Brew

Need a magickal brew to help raise his Maypole, and part her veil? Try this tasty, high-octane aphrodisiac in your chalice this sabbat… [Read more…]

Crafting a Beltane Maypole with Help from Pythagoras

Instructions for calculating materials and crafting a Maypole ribbon topper and wreath for your Beltane Rituals, plus some ideas for a global intention weaving spell with rainbow ribbons. [Read more…]