Whenever I discover that someone has stolen from my witchy shop, I pity the fool. Read more

Wisdom is a witch’s business; truth is our currency; action is our vocation. You’re a witch in these dark times? My condolences. Read more

Witch: This “Shadow Work” I keep hearing about isn’t very fun at all.  I’d rather not… Universe: But I insist… Witch distracted by something shiny: OOOH! Look at this romantic new bauble of witchery I just acquired to cork the creeping darkness I refuse to acknowledge!  I’ll just keep stuffing it down with another crystal amulet.  Maybe if I put a second gemstone ring on every finger, it will form a sort of shadow-mask to hide this necrotic bane I’m… Read more

I don’t think there are any blue moons in 2018, Despite what your Llewellyn Witches’ Calendar may tell you. Now, before you git yer garters in a twist, allow me to explain myself… Read more

A few years ago, our Great Work of Magick was to “don the crown of personal sovereignty.” Sounds romantic, right? In typical witching fashion, the results of that work did not unfold as expected. Two words: User Error. Read more

I love the simplicity and freshness of this chicken dinner. The flavors of Greece always remind me of the Spring time, and I’m looking for something good to bring to our coven’s Ostara Sabbat pot-luck this Saturday. Read more

After all, who would really want to be born into poverty, or born a crack baby, or any one of hundreds of other under-privileged situations? Why not just stay in the Summerlands? Read more

I think Witchery is both an orientation and a sacred mission. Denial was a miserable choice, so I chose to accept the mission. Both choices were made by my own free-will. Read more

Once upon a time, two student witches sat in discussion with an old, curmudgeonly Wiccan priest. He asked: “When Wiccans call to ‘the guardians of the watchtowers’ of the four quarters, to whom are we speaking?” Read more

Why do our initiates come back to report that taking our course in Modern Witchcraft was: “…the most painful year of my life, but so worth it. I’m a much better person now?” Read more

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