The waxing tide leading up to Imbolc is the season of preparation, when we clear the air, sharpen the old tools, and create new tools to aid us in our new endeavors. This home cleansing ritual is a great place to start. Read more

Witches aren’t immune to heartbreak, but when we need an emotional divorce, magick can help get our heads and hearts singing in harmony once again. Read more

This chickini salad is a dairy-free mash-up of Southern staples like “carrot salad” and “coleslaw,” but with the addition of plant-based proteins for my vegan friends. Read more

There is just something so satisfying about this crunchy, buttery, carb-y fried cornbread dipped in hot soup. To make this meal on this snowy day is a form of ancestor worship for me, considering how often my grandfather (and my mother) made these for us. Read more

Snow Water brings grace and structure to emotional magick, helping us listen to the messages of the heart, especially when emotions are churning. Read more

Everyone in the South knows that on New Year’s Day, the only meal to eat is lucky beans and greens. This is some old folk magick, y’all. Read more

I love the artwork on wall calendars – especially the Llewellyn’s Witches’ Calendar, which is in it’s 21st year of production. Every month I enjoy the beautiful, scratch-work images of Kathleen Edwards that illuminate the tides of the season. For the yearly retail price of $14.99, these calendars printed on high-quality, glossy paper are a 13-fold treasure to the crafty witch. (1) The artist already created the images to invoke the power of that season; to throw these prints in… Read more

This indoor candlelight Yule ritual rekindles the Divine light within, and sends that light of hopefulness into the middle world. Read more

Wherein I give directions for crafting a Yule log, with recipes for making a loose incense blend and anointing oil for a hearth-side family Yule ritual. Read more

December 1st is World AIDS Day, and I offer for your consideration these Elemental Blessings in hopes that we create some much needed healing in our world. Read more

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