Tiger Moms vs. Barbie

Once I learned how to see the stats on this blog, I became addicted to following how many folks are reading, from where, and with what frequency.  So here’s the latest:Hits           Post365            Are Chinese Mothers Superior 197            All you need to know about Barbie Princess Cakes176 & … [Read more...]

Can Tiger Moms practice Indifference?

(This post continues a series on the spiritual discipline of indifference, read #1, #2, #3.  And picks up on posts about Tiger Moms, read #1, #2, #3, #4)Ling's 1st recorded smile after baptismLing-Ling, my oldest child, turns 15 today.  Scott cried when she was born.  Our roommate Gini said, “Wow, she’s so much better than a bird!”  (referring to her pet parakeet Bing who I did not love).  I just felt dazed and distant.   While I felt more attached to Ling than … [Read more...]

Indifference, Celebrity and a Bean Dip you can’t be Indifferent to

(This is post #3 in a series on the spiritual discipline of indifference.  Read #1 and #2)I’m generally relatively indifferent to celebrities although I like to gawk at them like anyone else.  A fun benefit of living in NYC was having random movie stars film throughout the city.  I got to watch Nicole Kidman run through a rain machine at the bottom of our street way back when all I knew about Nicole Kidman was that she had a very famous boyfriend, Tom Cruise, who watched her film a … [Read more...]

Happy Saints and Indifference

(This is the 2nd musing on the spiritual discipline of indifference.  Read #1)I love this picture of St. Ignatius I found online and that it comes from happysaints.com! A student had told me that she thought the discipline of indifference came from St. Ignatius of Loyala.  At my women's weekend away last week, I Googled Ignatius and indifference and found a lot of materials which I shared with my friends. When we weren’t debating my friend’s qualities for eHarmony (read here) … [Read more...]

The Spiritual Discipline of Indifference

You can run but you can’t hide.For the past several weeks, God and I have needed to talk about my attitude problem towards a set of decisions Scott and I need to make.  As I wrote about yesterday in “Tempted to Join eHarmony,” Scott and are polar opposites on almost every spectrum that exists.  That makes decision-making especially hard.  But like Jonah of whale fame, I ran around avoiding the conversation with God.  Last Tuesday, after a morning cancellation, I had 2 free hou … [Read more...]

Tempted to join eHarmony

I’m feeling tempted to sign up with eHarmony.  Not because I’m ready to find another husband—I’m very satisfied with the one I have.  But because I’m just slightly addicted to personality tests and eHarmony is one major personality test!This past weekend I went on a girls’ weekend with 5 friends to celebrate a 40th birthday, and one of the tasks was signing her up for eHarmony.  It took at least 2 hours and we only got about 70% through the whole thing.  Of course, it’s a lot … [Read more...]

Success, Suffering and Miracle Gro

Early success is like putting Miracle Gro on your character defects.”  --Michael J. Fox @ HIMSS conference in FebruaryMichael J. Fox, aka Marty McFly in "Back to the Future" to my kids, said this great quote at the conference Scott attended in February.  I’ve been thinking about it ever since.Clearly Michael J. Fox has been through both a lot of early success and a lot of suffering since his Parkinson's diagnosis.  Scott was hugely impressed by his words, his sincerity, and hi … [Read more...]

More on the Chinese Water Torture

(A follow up to I’m Torturing my kids)“How was it?” I asked Kai-Kai when picking her up from her latest session with the Chinese water torture, aka as YMCA swim team.“OK.  The coach said it was a really hard workout.”“But you survived!  That’s great!  How does your body feel?”  I don’t know if she can sense it, but for all the whining and complaining that happens before swimming, after 30 minutes of “dry land” and 105 minutes of swimming laps Kai jumps into the car emanat … [Read more...]