Why I Never Wanted Pets but Got One Anyway

I never wanted pets, never grew up with pets, yet now I have one. Here’s how it went. Read more

Stubborn Releasing: Walking with My Kid through the Desert

My daughter’s going through very bad times, yet God calls me to release her. Read more

Calling Dylan O’Brien

@dylanobrien 14yo lost mom to cancer 2 mo ago. Would love text from you for bday Tues. Will msg her cell# if you are willing? Thx. Read more

Too Sad to Blog

My friend Julie began actively dying and I became too sad to write. Read more

Who Needs God?

A ministry dirty secret is how hard you can work for the Kingdom of God without actually needing God at all. Read how spiritual direction is different. Read more

Cramming Spirituality

I’m not very religious or spiritual, so why am I doing a spiritual direction program? Read more

Getting My Kids to Get a Job!

My kid needs to get a summer job–it’s been a job in itself to help her get it. Read more

Battling Starbucks

I wanted my free drink. Starbucks didn’t want to give it. Read more

Wisdom through the Ages: Family Advice for the High School Grad

My daughter graduated from high school and 3 generations of our family tried to give her advice Read more

Primping for Prom

My daughter’s been working on prom for months now and I’m exhausted! Read more

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