Calling Dylan O’Brien

Calling Dylan O’Brien November 16, 2014

I just sent my very first virgin tweet to a teeny-bopper heart throb.

Dylan O’Brien–I’m trying to contact you!

Who’s Dylan O’Brien you may ask?  Good question, because until 2 days ago, I didn’t know either.  I’ve since learned he’s the star of Teen Wolf (a TV program?) and Maze Runner, the new movie I haven’t watched yet because I didn’t love the books.

Most importantly, my friend Julie’s daughter, Selena, LOVES him.  As you may have read, Julie died 2 months ago.  And on Tuesday, Selena will celebrate her 14th birthday without a mom.

Her dad, Joe, emailed a bunch of us who love Selena asking us to text her on her birthday.  As almost a PS, he wrote:

BTW, if anyone has Dylan O’Brien’s (Teen Wolf actor) contact information please let me know, she’d love to hear from him too. Fortunately, no need to track down Justin Bieber this year, oh, so grateful for that phase being done. (hoping it is done!!)

Haha, I thought as I read it.

But then our friend Lisa decided to take it up.  During a party with our gym super fox friends, it was decided the best way to reach out to Dylan O’Brien was Twitter.  Only none of us Twittered.  Even though my editors here at Patheos have asked for YEARS that I Twitter, I’ve resisted–I’m already too inundated, why add another media platform?

So I volunteered Scott to Twitter.

For some strange reason, he didn’t like the idea of tweeting a teen heart throb, so he helped me sign up.

Despite blogging and writing for years now, writing a poignant heartfelt tweet in 140 characters or less?  Daunting.

So Scott wrote it for me.

@dylanobrien 14yo lost mom to cancer 2 mo ago. Would love text from you for bday Tues.  Will msg her cell# if you are willing?  Thx.

My 1st tweet.

To a teen idol no less.

Problem is, given that I just joined Twitter and have exactly 1 follower–Scott–how will Dylan O’Brien get my lone tweet?

Here’s where you come in.  Let’s try a social media experiment.  Like or re-post this blog to your circles.  Re-tweet my tweet. Call your big league movie star friends.

Let’s see if we can give Selena an extra-special birthday surprise.

Because Dylan O’Brien, however great he is, can’t make up for her mom.

Dylan O’Brien–I hope to hear from you soon.

P.S.  My twitter handle is @kmactuan. . . follow me!

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