Last Wednesday Night: Parenting in Calculus, Crisis and Noxious Gas

My almost 18 year old had a meltdown over calculus and I couldn’t do anything to help her. Read more

Kids & Core Sins

My child asked me to identify their core sin and didn’t like the answer. Read more

Put Down That Phone!

In a time when we’re all tempted to hide behind technology rather than engage with real people, hear what my daughter has to say. Read more

Chocolate=Lies, Sex=Truth

What does it mean when you desire a hot fudge sundae more than sex with your loving, gorgeous, faithful, and servant-hearted husband? Read more

A Scrambled Egg–Not All Yellow, Not All White, Mixed

A couple weeks ago my Mandarin teacher walked over and said, “You’re Chinese!? But you look like foreigner!” This past weekend, my White grandma said she thinks I look Chinese. Chinese people think I look White, while White people think I look Chinese. So I’m a scrambled egg. Not all yellow, not all White. Mixed. Read more

Decision! Colby College 2018

After what’s felt like an arduous 2 year process, Ling has decided to attend Colby College in Maine. Here’s a little more about what we’ve learned in the college application process. Read more

Leaping into the Abyss of Absurdity (also known as Faith)

I’m leaping into a faith experiment during Lent–want to join me? Read more

Chi-Paos, Fried Cheese and the 5-2 Diet

I got a chi pao made for me 10 years ago at my skinniest–my husband wants me to wear it in 2 week! Here’s what I’ve done. . . Read more

Snow Day Tale

My husband insisted we buy a snowblower so we could help our 80 year old neighbor. Here’s what happened instead. Read more

Top Tips for the College Application Process

My daughter wrote 25 supplemental college essays in 20 days. Here’s what we’ve learned about college applications so far Read more

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