Cheerios ran a commercial with a biracial family that generated so many racist comments they had to disable the comments section. While saddened by that, I get it–I grew up in a family that felt the same way Read more

My parents made it through 50 years of marriage. Here are some secrets I learned from them. Read more

My new year’s resolution is to declutter my stuff and my life. Here’s why it’s such a challenge. Read more

Tomorrow marks the 2nd Sunday in Advent.  With 2 high schoolers and an 8th grader, rather than celebrating 6 times in the past 6 days, we’ve hit it 1 1/2.  (Yesterday I was so grumpy that no one had cleaned the kitchen and that despite leaving out the rice hinting for someone to store it in the fridge, it was just put back in the rice cooker–6 days ago. . . I didn’t even sing). I’m re-posting my blog about Advent… Read more

Several weeks ago I lost my Fitbit pedometer somewhere between BJs, the Party Store, Michael’s, CVS and Marshalls—it was quite the day of shopping.   And I felt a sense of desolation that doesn’t seem appropriate for a thumb sized plastic object.  That I’m blogging yet again about a pedometer also seems not quite right—but there’s no device other than my laptop that’s affected my life more! Ever since Scott brought home that first Fitbit, we’ve had a friendly step… Read more

I went on spiritual retreat and learned my spiritual temperaments. Read more

My kids are too old for trick-or-treating. I’m mourning the passing of an age. Read more

The youtube hit “Chinese Food” struck a bad chord in my kids. Here’s why. Read more

Colleges are recruiting my daughter like crazy, but I don’t think they really want her–just her application Read more

How important should makeup be in a woman’s life? Here’s what I decided. Read more

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