Teaching Our Kids to Talk

Our kids talked all over each other, so we decided some parental rules on conversation had to be applied. Read more

Senior Panic

What does it look like to be faithful when you also have an addiction to academic prestige and achievement? Or even more, to parent faithfully? Read more

I Sent My Daughter to Spain. . .and She Survived

I worried about sending my 17 year old daughter to Spain for the summer. . .and she did fine. Read more

Doing NYC with My 13 Year Old: Getting the Biggest Bang for the Buck

I did NYC with my 13 year old son, getting the biggest bang for my buck. Here’s how I did it. Read more

Why Not Just Breastfeed in Private?

Asked not to breastfeed in public, this mom argues back Read more

Oldest Siblings and the Problem of Privilege

As the oldest sibling, I never realized how much privilege I enjoyed and how much power I wielded, or what a jerk I could be as a result. Read more

I see him everywhere

I had been composing a blog in my mind while pruning the branches of my weeping cherry tree, a blog about white privilege  and all the cross-cutural training I’ve received through the years from Universities, scripture, the organization I work with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship or being willing to engage in difficult conversations about ethnicity with friends who look different than me. It was a blog that was going to explore the privileges I have simply because I’m white- even something simple… Read more

Culture and Justice: Or Why Paula Deen Shouldn’t Use the “N” Word

I can understand Paula Deen using the “N” word as a product of her culture, that still doesn’t make it right. Read more

If You’re Sending Your Kid to Spain, Don’t Do it My Way

I’m panicking because I gave my daughter responsibility to manage her own study abroad experience. What a mistake! Read more

Teaching our Kids to Swim

A kid almost drowned in my pool last week–reinforcing my passion that we must teach our kids to swim Read more

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