I’m terrible about staying in touch even with those I love, which is why it was good to attend my high school reunion. Here are some tips for making it great. Read more

My son turned 13 and I’m mourning all that I may lose as he becomes a man, but still wanting him to “BE A MAN.” Read more

I’m terrified about going to my 30th high school reunion alone, but I’m going anyway. Here’s why. Read more

I want my kids to party more than they do–here’s my plan Read more

What to expect from a trip to Dubai. Read more

I spent my birthday in a Saudi Arabian mall wearing an abaya Read more

{Be brave my little KoolAide faced soldier} Bravery is moving forward in the face of courage. Bob Loblaw.  We all know this.  This is a distinctly different experience when you are ACTUALLY DOING IT. Not the race-to-the-finish fears, over in 5 minutes, maybe 5 hours if you’re running a marathon, maybe 5 days in you’re giving birth.  Yes, those things are bravery, of course.  But, what is it called when it’s 5 months of pushing through fear?  5 years?  Then,… Read more

Buying a burka (or abaya) is more complicated than I anticipated. Read more

I’m mourning not only for my city and those hurt and affected, but for the bomber as well. Here’s why. Read more

When is it coming to get me? When is breast cancer coming for me? When is someone coming to shoot up my son’s elementary school? When is a tornado ripping my house from root to roof? When is a bomb blowing up the next race I’m training for? It has hit home for me, yes.  But I’m keenly aware that people all over the world are bombarded with these when-am-I-next questions every. single. day. I hate the image above.  And… Read more

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