Brave May 4, 2013

{Be brave my little KoolAide faced soldier}

Bravery is moving forward in the face of courage. Bob Loblaw.  We all know this.  This is a distinctly different experience when you are ACTUALLY DOING IT. Not the race-to-the-finish fears, over in 5 minutes, maybe 5 hours if you’re running a marathon, maybe 5 days in you’re giving birth.  Yes, those things are bravery, of course.  But, what is it called when it’s 5 months of pushing through fear?  5 years?  Then, it should get a new title.  Something grander.  Something badge worthy.

I hate the reality that throughout human history thousands of brave souls died for others anonymously.  Who are these nameless faceless heroes.  They haunt me because I fear my bravest actions yet will go unnoticed.  I hate t I fear that, but I do.  I’m practicing being me, so there you have it.  There’s so much servitude in the anonynous bravery for others.

Today, I’m trying to being brave for my kiddos.  I can’t say the how, the what or the why but know this: it’s what bravery looks like for me.  It’s me saying yes, Loves I will be brave for you because in your little world I am so important.  In my grown up world no one will ever know, ever care.

Yet, I want you to see your Mama push right through her fears and on to bravery.  I want you to see me try and fail.  I want you to try, try, try again.  I want you to get your practice in now.  I want to be there for you the first time you run away scared.  I want to hold you through the humiliation and shame that accompanies cowardice.  Let’s get this out of the way now my sons, while the stakes are so much lower. If I expect you to live a life of bravery, I’m going to model it.


Linking up today with Five Minute Friday crew on the topic of Bravery.

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