Despite all odds, I’m connected to one of those killed in the bombings. Read more

If I had a second chance with no limiting factors, I would have done it all with a different heart and attitude. Read more

When it’s good to accept the here & now. Beautiful & ugly. Read more

My kids hear me let out the occasional four-letter word, here’s why I don’t feel so bad about it. Read more

When it’s all said done, I’ll be with Jesus, so I better choose the best days. Read more

I passed down the “hate to exercise” gene to my kids–but have tried to get them to exercise anyway. Read more

How to make a Barbie princess cake for your little princess, feminist convictions be damned. Read more

I gave up criticizing my husband for Lent–here’s how it went. Read more

My daughter gave up chocolate for Lent.  This amazed me for many reasons: She’s not the sort of kid who so far has evidenced any desire to give up anything for Lent. She’s a foodie She’s an incredible baker who’s constantly churning out treats that make my losing weight New Year’s resolution nigh near impossible She’s so slim that she can eat all the chocolate she wants with no consequences (yes, go ahead and hate her, several of us feel… Read more

Like the Grinch, I can’t take the noise and chaos of siblings bickering, especially when I see they behave just like me. Read more

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