Mourning the Bomber

I don’t know Dzohkhar Tsarnaev.  But the kids of several friends do because he graduated from their high school two years ago.   And all of a sudden, in the same way Boston became a small town because I either directly knew a victim or am a degree or two away from others, I’m struck that I’m only one degree of separation from the perpetrators.Last week as I reeled from the news of the bombing, like many others, I felt outrage towards the nameless and faceless bombers.  How dare they attack my … [Read more...]

Why I Hate the Images from Kabul and Syria to Boston.

When is it coming to get me?When is breast cancer coming for me? When is someone coming to shoot up my son's elementary school? When is a tornado ripping my house from root to roof? When is a bomb blowing up the next race I'm training for?It has hit home for me, yes.  But I'm keenly aware that people all over the world are bombarded with these when-am-I-next questions every. single. day.I hate the image above.  And I hate the 'To Boston from Kabul with Love' image too. I hate them … [Read more...]

Mourning the Bombings

When Scott texted me the news of the Boston Marathon bombing, I was looking at impressionist paintings in the National Gallery ofArt in DC.  We’re spending part of April vacation here both for fun and college visits, and the shocking news felt surreal.  Immediately I wondered if anyone I knew was hurt.  But statistically speaking, with such a crowd, everyone I knew should be well, shouldn't they? Seconds later, he texted that his brother and sister-in-law were fine.  Both qualifiers for the mara … [Read more...]

If I Had a Second Chance. . .

I'm responding to the Patheos challenge to write about "If you had a second chance and no limiting circumstances, what dream would you pursue?" as part of promoting "The Moment" If I had a second chance with no limiting factors I would:Have taught English in China instead of attending graduate school straight out of college.  I would have had my adventure, solidified my Mandarin, and opened myself to who knows what doors?  Then if I decided on graduate school, I would have known why I was t … [Read more...]


For a long time the worship song, Here I am to Worship used to be my go to prayer-language-phrase.  It was the phrase I found myself writing in prayer journals over and over again.  It was the phrase I heard myself repeating to God when there was nothing else to say.  It was the sentiment I felt most drawn to when it seemed the truth was more aligned with 'here I am having screwed things up Lord.'Acknowledging the here & now is the hardest part, isn't it?  At least that's why I stuff in a … [Read more...]

Speak no Evil?

My son came home laughing.  His friend’s mother swore while driving him home when another driver was rude, then apologized and said, “I don’t suppose that happens in your family.”“No it happens sometimes,” he said, “but not that much because my mom’s such a bad driver that she’s used to people being mad at her so she can’t swear all the time.”Sigh.It’s true.  I’m a terrible driver.  And I also curse occasionally.  Why?  Other than the fact that I have little self-control over my tongu … [Read more...]


After it's all said and done, I'll be with Jesus.After I have all these shiny daubles and red-bottomed shoes, I'll be with Jesus.After I pour out my life as a drink offering, I'll be with Jesus.After I seek and pine and beg and clamor my way towards recognition, I'll be with Jesus.After I lay down my life for these babies of mine, I'll be with Jesus.After I lie, cheat & steal for a little earthly comforts, I'll be with Jesus.After I dirty my knees in copious prayer … [Read more...]

Run Baby Run

Last summer, I dreaded the prospect of living with 2 teenage high school girls.  Between hormones, pimples, potential boy/girl drama and the stress of honors classes, the likelihood for bedlam in our home was huge.  I especially worried how the  transition might overwhelm Kai as she became a freshman—and how her stress and unhappiness would increase my stress and unhappiness.To my surprise, it’s been awesome!  Apart from the grace and goodness of Jesus, there’s one reason:  cross-coun … [Read more...]