Why I Write

I recently attended a writer’s luncheon at my church, where we were given the assignment of writing a 6 word poem about either our life story or writing.  Here’s mine:God calledI obeyedI writeThat very morning, as I served on the prayer ministry team, a woman told me that God gave her a picture of me writing.“Yes, and. . .?” (Hoping that she had visions of what I’m supposed to be writing, that I’m supposed to get published, that someday fame and fortune will be down my road. . .)“You were wr … [Read more...]

The Connections Around Tomato Soup

In the midst of reflecting on the reunion/college tours of last week (click here and here to read), my friend Marya asked me for my tomato soup recipe. And it made me think about connections.Marya and I met my freshman year of college through InterVarsity when she and her husband Kevin were lofty seniors.  That meant that when we re-met 25 years later, I remembered them clearly and they vaguely maybe remembered me.  Freshman year I dropped by InterVarsity occasionally, just enough … [Read more...]

Driving with my Daughter for the 1st time

Ling's had her learner’s permit for a whole 12 days.  I avoided driving with her the first week, when Scott took her out 3 times.  I resisted her pressuring me to let her drive during our trip to Chicago.  (“I’m 100% positive that it’s not in the rental car agreement to let an unlicensed 16 year old drive.”)But then Monday night, exactly a week from when Ling got her learner’s permit, Scott booted me out of the front seat of the van where I was waiting for us to drive to a Jap … [Read more...]

Regret–What a Waste

There’s nothing like a college reunion to raise a slew of emotions—and for me, amidst much joy, laughter and celebration, lay the bittersweet taint of regret.Last week, I took my daughter on our first college tour, and attended a reunion celebrating the 25thanniversary of the Northwestern University Graduate Christian Fellowship.  And while I enjoyed every bit of the whole process (other than developing some weird tendonitis on the top of my right foot from walking so much), regret ins … [Read more...]

Rick Riordan I Love You

Dear Rick,Let me tell you why I’m professing love for a man not my husband in a public post.4 years ago, a week into summer vacation, my daughter trounced into the house with the CDs for your YA novel, The Lightning Thief, which had been assigned as summer reading. Ling had already borrowed the book from the library and finished it.“We HAVE to listen to this book–it’s SO good, even though it’s really scary.”That became the summer of Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief.  Perc … [Read more...]

Our First College Tour

On Saturday, my oldest child turned 16.  On Monday, she got her learner’s permit.  And yesterday, I walked with her all over my alma mater, Northwestern–our first ever college tour.  Today we look at University of Chicago.Whew!  Time flies when you’re having (or even not having) fun.As I’ve talked about this college trip at the end of her sophomore year, almost everyone (including my husband), says something like, “Wow, you’re starting early!”And of course, I suspect they’re a … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Gifts, or Why I Never Get What I Want

My kids all have “Gift Giving” as their language of love.I do not.They love birthday gifts and Christmas gifts, special treats during the week, little surprises on a shopping trip.  And as they’ve gotten older, they also like giving gifts.  So as my birthday and Mother’s Day came 2 weeks apart, “What do you want?” became an ongoing refrain.“Obedience.”Many eye rolls.  “No!  What do you really want?”“I really want obedience.”More huffs, puffs and s … [Read more...]

2 Appliances that Saved My Marriage

Scott and I had a rocky relationship, oh, the first 10 years of marriage.  But the first months were the worst, and the worst of the worst was laundry day. Doing laundry in our Manhattan 4th floor walk-up apartment was daunting.  We had to carry the laundry down four flights, across a city block, and down into the basement of another building.  When it was done, we had to carry it all the way back up.  Whether laundry day came weekly, bi-weekly, or even once every 3 … [Read more...]