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The Heart of Faith: The Parliament of the World’s Religions


Here's a beautiful clip from the Parliament of World Religions explaining the meaning of religion and the Parliament's attempt to help people to understand each other and to build a better world. … [Read more...]

A Female Muslim Hip Hop Duo


Meet Britain's first female hip hop duo here in this short clip for the Telegraph.Al Jazeera featured their story in a longer twenty five minute documentary here calling it "a universal story about friendship, love and idealism, and two young women finding their place in the world."And it is exactly that as these two young women challenge the norms for Muslim women by appearing on stage.You can see another clip and read more about the duo here at the Daily Mail. … [Read more...]

“How Business Made Us Christian”


Are we a Christian nation? Religion seems to be woven into our very fabric.Writing for the New York Times, Princeton Professor Kevin Kruse, notes that "it is inscribed in our pledge of patriotism, marked on our money, carved into the walls of our courts and our Capitol."But the ubiquity of religion in our nation did not come from our founders. Rather, according to this fascinating story from Professor Kruse, it came from business people in the 1930's and 40's who were on the defensive as … [Read more...]

What is Wahhabism?


We are covering radical forms of Islam in my World Religions class. Here is an excellent overview of Wahhabism, a radical form of Sunni Islam that started in Saudi Arabia. The clip is less than three minutes and comes from the Discovery News Network.Alistair Crooke , in an article for the Huffington Post, argues that we cannot understand ISIS if we don't know the history of Wahabbism.  The article includes another short video clip about the connection between Saudi Arabia and the development … [Read more...]

Women’s Day & Gender Equality with Face to Faith

women day

Today my U.S. high school students on the east coast discussed women's equality with high school students in Utah in a video conference.The video conference was one of several facilitated by the Face to Faith organization to mark International Women's Day.It was fascinating to hear the students discuss their impression of  the  status of women around the world. Some students argued that while gender equality might be better in the United States than in many countries, it still had a long … [Read more...]

Meet Priya: Indian Superhero Fighting Rape


Priya is a comic book super hero who fights the social stigma of rape in India which is widespread. Recently an Indian television station published an interview with a rapist who said that he would not have killed his victim if she had not fought back.According to VICE in this excellent review, "Priya's Shakti is an imaginative reaction to an alarming apathy among the authorities and public toward the issue of rape." The writer and developer is an Indian-American filmmaker, Ram … [Read more...]

Buddhist Nun Rocks Her Way to Stardom


While everyone knows that the Dalai Llama heads Tibetan Buddhism, fewer people know the equally popular Buddhist singing nun, Ani Choying Drolma. She's recorded ten albums since 1994 and tours six months a year all over the world. Drolma grew up in Kathmandu and began singing as a young teenager when a Rinpoche, or Llama, recognized her talent and asked her to sing at Buddhist functions. Today, according to this story from NPR in 2011, "Drolma's music combines Tibetan melodies with traditional … [Read more...]