Happy Holi

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Holi, the Hindu celebration that marks the coming of Spring, starts tomorrow on March 6th.It's a festival of color and includes singing, dancing, bonfires, and most importantly, color!  Participants throw lots of powdered paint and colored water.Like most Hindu holidays, Holi has its roots in Hindu mythology. BBC Religion notes that Holi celebrates Lord Krisna who was mischievous "and threw coloured water over the gopis (milkmaids). This developed into the practical jokes and games of … [Read more...]

Buddhist Art of Myanmar: Explained

buddhist art

If you cannot go to New York and see the exhibit of Buddhist art from Myanmar at the Asia Society, you can watch experts examine some of the pieces in the clips below.The exhibit opened in early February and continues until May 10. The New York Times called it "quietly majestic" and the Guardian called it "beautiful and fascinating."I saw the exhibit this weekend and loved the way it's organized. The first floor includes images related to the life of the Buddha. For example, the stone s … [Read more...]

French Muslims, Unable to Blend


Since the attack on Charlie Hebdo in January, French Muslims have faced a backlash, especially in Marseilles which has a sizable Muslim community.In an essay for the New York Times, James Estrin describes the difficulty these Muslims have blending into French society. According to Bharat Choudhary, who has studied Muslim communities in the Untied States and Europe, the dreams and aspirations of French Muslims are destroyed by a society they see as against them.He notes that "for the … [Read more...]

Suleymaniye Mosque: A 3-D Tour


Take a virtual guided tour through the fascinating Suleymaniye Mosque, built in the century  after the Ottomans came to power in 1453. The mosque was built during the reign of Sultan Süleyman known as Süleyman the Magnificent. The Sultan hired the architect, Mimar Sinan, to design the mosque in which you can see both Islamic and Byzantine influences.The tour includes several speakers who review the significant architectural details inside and outside of the mosque.The tour is part of the … [Read more...]

Are Hindus Losing their Reverence for Cows?

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Are Hindus losing their reverence for cows?  That's what Fred de Sam Lazaro suggests in this clip from PBS Religion and Ethics Newsweekly. He notes that over 40,000 cows roam the streets of Dehli and "are increasingly seen as a nuisance, clogging traffic and foraging through garbage heaps."But why are cows revered in the first place?  This is what make the clip so interesting,especially to students. De Sam Lazaro interviews a number of Hindus who explain the significance of the cow in Hi … [Read more...]

Abercrombie Headscarf Case


Can Abercrombie & Fitch deny a Muslim teenager a sales job because she wears a headscarf? Abercrombie says head-coverings of any kind would have interfered with the preppy image they wanted to portray.But the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) concluded that the company discriminated against the teenager on the basis of religion when they did not offer her an accommodation. The case is now before the Supreme Court and the justices heard oral arguments today.At stake is w … [Read more...]

Understand Israel’s 12 Tribes: Cool Infographic

12 tribe

Do you understand the 12 tribes of Israel? Jeffrey Kranz, a founder of the Overview Bible Project, believes that the better we understand these tribes, the better we will understand many of the important events in Israeli history.Kranz developed  a terrific illustrated infogrpahic about the history of the tribes. You can find the infographic on the Washington Post's Faithstreet and you can download a pdf of the infographic here at the Overview Bible Project You can find other interesting … [Read more...]