Women in the Arab Spring: New Documentary


The new documentary is called "The Trials of Spring" and includes six parts highlighting women who made significant contributions in the countries of the Arab Spring.For example, in Tunisa, Ghazala Mhamadi led the fight for more jobs. In Egypt, Hend Nafea protested Egypt's military rule and was dragged through the streets and beaten, then sentenced to life in prison. She was lucky and escaped to Lebanon. And in Bahrain, Dr. Nadia Dhaif treated injured people in medical tents she set up and … [Read more...]

Superheroes Inspired by Islam


Here, Naif Al-Mutawa, a clincial pyschologist who began publishing the 99 comic book in 2006 and a 99 animated series in 2010, discusses the comic book and animated series in this fascinating TedTalk.The comic book heroes get their superpowers from the 99 attributes of Allah. TedTalk notes that Al-Mutawa "created the characters with a team of artists and writers to showcase traditional, tolerant and enlightened Muslim values in the guise of good old-fashioned superheroes, ordinary mortals … [Read more...]

Iranian Women Posting Pictures of Uncovered Hair

muslim head

Here, Masih Alinejad, an Iranian journalist and feminist, explains why she thinks Iranian women should be able to decide for themselves wheather they cover their hair.Recentely, Alinejad began to post pictures of herself without a hijab. Others soon followed. Now she has over 800,000 followers.As Buzzfeed notes, since 1979, Iranian law has required all women to cover their hair. In 2014, according to Buzzfeed, over 3 milllion women "were warned, fined, or arrested by the morality police … [Read more...]

New HarvardX Religion Course


Teaching World Religions? Or are you interested in religion? Consider this new massive online course or MOOC from Harvard University's Literacy Project.It starts next winter in January and runs through June 2016.  The course is called "Sacred Texts: Origins and Interpretations."The MOOC will be offered through HarvardX  (Harvard's initiative to build and create open online courses) and will include month-long modules on each of the five world religions. Scholars for each of the modules wi … [Read more...]

Halal Things Considered: Jon Stewart


The Daily ShowGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook,Daily Show Video Archive Watch Jon Stewart tackle the recent claim of discrimination aboard a United Airlines flight.A Muslim woman, a Muslim American chaplain at Northwestern University, who was wearing a hijab, asked for an unopened can of coke but the stewardess refused, telling the professor that the can could be used as a weapon. Meanwhile, she served the white gentleman next to the chaplain an unopened can of … [Read more...]

Harvard’s Religious Literacy Project


Teaching a world religions course? Harvard Divinity School’s Literacy Project has some excellent resources including profiles of the five major world religions.Each profile includes sub-topics with easy to read summaries. These sub topics cover the important periods in the religion’s development and the issues that it faces today.The summaries are different than those at the BBC site for World Religion. The Literacy Project concentrates on the religion’s internal diversity and on the way … [Read more...]

Taoism as a Parable: Alan Watts


What is Taoism?Alan Watts, who helped popularize Buddhism in America and wrote many books including "The Way of Zen" offers an answer with a parable in this short two minute clip.Show your students the clip and then ask them how the parable defines Taoism. … [Read more...]