Because Joan of Arc Was a Catholic

Like Fr. Jim Martin in My Life with the Saints, I find St. Joan of Arc one of the most compelling figures in history. Her story is true, testified to by not one but two trials.

Please check out this book review from Ignatius Insight and judge for yourself. A fine review of what looks like a beautiful book.

I’ve used this image before: Jules Bastien-LePage’s painting of Joan, which hangs at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. I was walking through the gallery when I came upon this painting — stopped — gaped — captured it on my iPhone — and have never stopped loving it.

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    The best book I read on Joan of Arc was by Mark Twain. He was not a Catholic, but he could not help being awestruck by this saint. Below is an excerpt from Twain's reflection on the book. "I like Joan of Arc best of all my books; and it is the best; I know it perfectly well. And besides, it furnished me seven times the pleasure afforded me by any of the others; twelve years of preparation, and two years of writing. The others needed no preparation and got none." He also said: “Taking into account, as I have suggested before, all the circumstances—her origin, youth, sex, illiteracy, early environment, and the obstructing conditions under which she exploited her high gifts and made her conquests in the field and before the courts that tried her for her life, —she is easily and by far the most extraordinary person the human race has ever produced".-Anujeet

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    Twain's biography is excellent and you can find the full book online at:!