To Read this Entire List of Catholic Fiction!

Thanks to Karen for forwarding this list of Catholic fiction from Amazon, in response to my post earlier today. Your further comments are welcome here or there.

  • Anonymous

    Two suggestions for the list of Catholic novels: Alice McDermott, Charming Billy, depicting Irish Americans in lives quietly informed by faith, and Eugenio Corti, The Red Horse (Il cavallo rosso), showing genuine Italian Catholics, from Manzoni's Lombary , in the cauldron of Fascism, Nazism, Communism, World War II and after.

  • Sal

    May I suggest two companion pieces to any O'Connor works? The first- "A Habit of Being" is her collected letters and is invaluable re: her thoughts on her own work. I believe it is OP, but a library may be able to get it for you.The second, "The Life You Save May Be Your Own", is an interwoven biography of four 20th century Catholic writers: Day, Merton, O'Connor and Percy. I recommend it very highly, especially the sections on Day, which avoid the hagiographic tone of some other bios.

  • Anonymous

    What, no Malachi Martin?