For Lenten Music from the East

I found this today, while playing tiddly-winks (er, I mean plotting a course to the next waypoint) with Webster in the cockpit. It is from the Eastern side of the family and very appropriate for Lent, don’t you think?

This is based, in part, on Psalm 141,

Lord, I have cried unto Thee, hearken unto me, hearken unto me, Lord I have cried unto Thee, Hearken unto me, attend to the voice of my supplication, when I cry unto Thee, hearken unto me O Lord.

Let my prayer be set forth as incense before Thee, the lifting up of my hands as an evening sacrifice, hearken unto me O Lord.

Set O Lord and watch me before my mouth and a door of enclosure round about my lips.

Incline not my heart unto words of evil to make excuse with excuses in sins.

With men that work in iniquity and I will not join with their chosen.

The righteous man will chasten me with mercy and reprove me as for the oil of the sinner, let it not anoint my head.

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  • Hi Frank,I LOVE choral/sacred music, and thus happy to see you post this beautiful 'Eastern" setting of Psalm 141. I must confess (no pun intended, really) that I listen to "Ancient Faith Radio" regularly, an online Orthodox Christian station. And while their Christmas season is a little out of sync with ours, our Lents are aligned, and thus, Lenten music, readings and reflections are their current offerings. If you have a moment, give AFR a try at and let me know what you think.Sincerely,Shawn

  • El Bolillo Tejano

    Frank,I have, in recent years, discovered the Greek Orthodox chant and found it to be most amazing during Holy Week. Last year I went with a good friend to the Orthodox services during their Holy week; and, I found it to be amazing. Very reverent. Solemn. The chant allows you to get lost in the beautiful architecture, the art of the icons, the smell of the incense, and the beauty of the passion. If you get a chance, drop in to an Orthodox church one night during holy week. You will love it.EBT

  • Thanks guys. And luckily, there is a Byzantine Rite congregation in my diocese here. Sounds like a good time to visit.

  • Shawn: Thanks for the suggestion! Plays right out of i-tunes too. Very cool!