To Pray for Vocations Like This

Each of our two grown daughters is facing the question of vocation. One is oriented to the arts, one to business; neither is presently a Catholic. So the idea of a capital-v Vocation does not figure. Still, watching a joyous interview (in four installments below) with a Carmelite nun, Sr. Cushla, put a prayer in my heart for my children, and yours, today.

Here’s the prayer:

Heavenly Father,
In this Year for Priests, grant that many young men and women may respond generously to the need for priests and religious in your Church. Grant that all men and women may open their hearts and minds to you, as priests or religious, or as lay people devoted to your Incarnate Word, Jesus Christ, serving your Church as we are called to serve. Grant that our children may hear your voice over the deafening roar of modern life and allow it to direct the course of their lives, as joyously as Sr. Cushla has done. We ask this in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever. 

Here is the interview, in four installments (h/t Mujerlatina):

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  • Maria

    I saw this some time ago.It is great isn't it?

  • Wonderful videos and wonderful prayer! It does the heart good to watch someone who is so joyful and certain in her life.I also loved the way the camera operator framed her in the grille opening –I'll watch these again!

  • Have you seen the Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharistic interview from Oprah last week. They were so fantastic. It must have planted some seeds.AMDG

  • Mary P.

    Wow, this was beautiful. One of my challenges is time. I always have so much on my plate. But I love the part where she talked about taking time for God – quiet time. It was even hard to think about watching all four of those clips at one sitting! But I couldn't stop.It was great, and a lesson for me. Thank you Webster and Allison.

  • @ webster: I did not realize that "Allison" also recommended this to you… Espero que todo este bien con usted. Pax Christi.