Thanks to the New York Encounter, Probably

Back when I was newspapering, we would have called this kind of posting an advance. I am writing to tell you about something happening right now, and through Monday in New York City: The New York Encounter 2011. I am writing this from the comfort of my century-old suburban home but expect to hop a train to the city in the morning to participate in this free, four-day cultural festival sponsored by Communion and Liberation. If you live in the New York metropolitan area, you might considering coming, too.

I first heard about this ecclesiastical movement right here on this blog by our Founding Blogger Webster Bull. I’m looking forward to meeting up with him this weekend, as well as spending time with my School of Community friends from New Jersey and with thousands of folks I haven’t met yet.

What’s this all about? Adult catechisis. Some of my friends who participate in other ecclesiastical movements, and I think what these movements share is they help us find a way to make Christ real in our everyday lives.

Like Webster, CL has become a large part of my faith walk. I participate in the weekly CL meeting, or School of Community, and our family has gone on a Summer Vacation with the group in the Catskills; our son to a youth retreat in Vermont. All these experiences have enriched us and made us feel closer to Christ. I have every reason to think this weekend will too.

  • Fred

    see you there! Webster, Sharon & I are live tweeting @c_peguy.

  • Allison

    So Fred: Is this the "Catholic Woodstock," as Frank has been joking? !

  • Fred

    A Woodstock in hotels without mud, public urination & nudity? For me, it's more like a CL vacation shared with the public.

  • Frank

    To get the joke, you have to know that Warren Buffet calls the Berskshire Hathaway Annual Meeting "Woodstock for Capitalists."

  • ThereseRita

    There is no CL presence in the buckle on the bible belt city where I live but I have CL friends (who don't live here) who are wonderful people in love with the Church…so, I'll be very interested to read your take on this, Allison!

  • Stephen

    Therese, where could you possibly live? CL is practically everywhere nowadays? Allison, I must have met your son. I help with GS and have been at all of the Vermont vacations.

  • Frank

    CL is practically everywhere nowadays?Not hardly. But let's not forget that the Catholic Church is, and that is the main thing.

  • Allison

    @Stephen: You must have met him. I will ask him. He really enjoyed Vermont. Being a teen, he was reluctant to share what he experienced or what the adults talked about except to say they were told "You all have a purpose." I thought that was a great message.