For 10 Things To Do While Fr. Corapi is on Leave

Joe Six-Pack, USMC here, also known as “the Worst Consumer of Catholic Media on the Planet.

You’ve heard the news about Fr. John Corapi? Let’s say that you are a devotee of his. You aren’t alone, because last time I checked, there are 45,800+ “fans” on his Facebook page alone.

He has been placed on Administrative Leave, which to a Marine (like me) means he has been given a “time-out” from line-duty until an investigation can be completed. Nothing to get all wound up about.

But the question now is, how are you going to fill that hour or two (or four?!) that he helped you fill during your week?

 Whaat?! The company commander is wounded and has been medevaced and you lugs just sit down? What is this, the Soviet Army?!

I’ve got news for you lubbers. That’s not how we run things here in the Church Militant. There is plenty for you to do, especially when you consider Commander’s Intent and orders from the Holy Spirit via the pen of St. Paul,

So then, my beloved, obedient as you have always been, not only when I am present but all the more now when I am absent, work out your salvation with fear and trembling. For God is the one who, for his good purpose, works in you both to desire and to work.

You heard the Old Man…WORK! And lest you start bellyachin’ about the opportunity for advancement you have been presented, heed these words too:

Do everything without grumbling or questioning, that you may be blameless and innocent, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you shine like lights in the world, as you hold on to the word of life, so that my boast for the day of Christ may be that I did not run in vain or labor in vain. -(Philippians 2:12-15)

So, let’s assume the Skipper (Marine slang for Captains/Company Commanders) won’t be back, OK? But we’re still at war. So here is a little list of things to do to fill your time while Fr. John is on hiatus.

1. Read Your Bible for an Hour a Week. What, you don’t have a Bible? What kind of soldier are you? Besides, the battlefield is littered with them. I may not be a heavy user of Catholic Media (and TV…no time!), but the USSCB website has the Bible available 24/7. No excuses for not heading to the rifle range. I bet your parish has a bible study class available too. Sign up for it ASAP.

2. Pray the Liturgy of the Hours. This is like #1 above, but with spiritual direction provided by the Church. The readings and psalms are all laid out for you. It is a great way to spend your time, any time of the day. Available 24/7 at Universalis.

3. Meet the Doctors of the Church Where do you think Fr. John learned to shoot like he does? He’s standing on the shoulders of giants, and so can you. Head to the library and read some of the sermons of St. Athansius, St. Augustine, St. John Chrysostom, and others. You’ll be amazed at the stuff they wrote, and the skills you’ll pick up.

4. Read The Spiritual Combat by Dom. Lorenzo Scupoli. Want action? Want a riveting read on tactics and strategies for living through this fight called Christian life? You’ve come to the right place with this book. This will get you started on Chapter One.

5. Pray for our priests and for vocations. We have deaths, retirements, and casualties. And the troops always need leaders. Pray for us soldiers for Christ and pray for our officer corps. If Adoration is available at your parish, that is a great place to pray. But anywhere will do, if you just make the time.

6. Go to Confession. A great way to kill an hour, at least for this week. Only you and God know the state of your own soul, so go take care of business.

7. Go to Daily Mass. This is a great way to spend a half-hour everyday, if you can swing it. You will be surprised at how easy it is to form this habit.

8. Get to know your own parish priest(s) better. This sort of takes care of itself as a result of #6 and #7 above. You know their names, but do they know yours? Why not?!

9. Get Involved in Your Parish. Here is an idea: become a lector, or an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. Or join the choir, a committee, or help out at the next parish function. Don’t hide your light under a bushel. Help pull some of the load in your parish.

10. Pray the Rosary with your family. Pope John Paul II said, “How beautiful is the family that recites the Rosary every evening.” Hard to do in my family, I’ll admit, but it’s not impossible to do at least once a week. You can even pray along with Mother Angelica and the gang over at EWTN (9:30 PM Eastern).

I’m sure there are many, many other ways to increase your knowledge and devotion during Fr. Corapi’s hiatus. So, Ask, and it shall be given you: seek, and you shall find: knock, and it shall be opened to you. For, as the Apostle says When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child. But, when I became a man, I put away the things of a child.

So don’t take your packs off. Saddle-up and move out for King and Country!

  • My Chocolate Heart

    Frank, this was brilliant! Hooah! What a fantastic list of useful things to do. This Army wife is glad to have found you. God bless you all.

  • Jeanette O’Toole

    Very good ideas, Frank; I was especially happy to *not* see fasting on your list, as that always makes me wince a little, but, I know, I know, it's very important too. :)I'm a 27-year vet at the daily Mass altar (thanks to my husband's superlative example), and I don't know how anyone can understand Catholicism well without it."A runner who runs only on Sunday will not likely win any race." It's in the Bible somewhere … :)

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for this superb piece on the Fr Corapi situation.Absolutely wonderful analogies and advice. Great teaching moment an very positive.God bless you!

  • Frank

    When life hands you lemons (which is often!) make lemonade.

  • NBW

    Thank you for giving us direction! God Bless you!

  • John

    OK, gotta ask: I used to be an Air Force weather officer and was stationed for a time with the Army.Does the picture show a Huey or a Blackhawk?(Wish I'd known of Fr Corapi back when I was doing that wx support in Germany….)

  • Frank

    That's an Army Blackhawk "Dustoff".

  • Athos

    Once again, leave it to our jesuitical jarhead to sift, distill, and bring forth a savory liqueur from an unsavory situation of accusation and evil.I caught Fr Corapi's radio broadcasts on Guadalupe Radio Network and liked what I got a chance to hear. Neither my faith nor my Catholic world stands or falls on whether or not the accusations against Fr Corapi are true or tissues of lies. But what is true, etymologically, is that the definition of Satan in koine Greek – ἡ κοινὴ διάλεκτος – "the common dialect" of the New Testament is the accuser.Satan = "the accuser", or, one might say, the prosecuting attorney. On the other hand, the New Testament calls the Third Person of the Most Holy Trinity the Paraklete – παράκλητος, or "advocate," one who stands beside the accused one. Monsignor Ronald Knox points out that our translation of Paraklete should not so much be "the consoler" (Divine "hand-holder") as "Defense Attorney."I truly hope Fr Corapi is not guilty of the accusations. However, we must always realize that Satan not only leads us into sin, but is the prompter of all who want to bring evil down on the heads of our priests today. Fingers crossed and prayers aloft for all whose lives have been touched by Fr Corapi and for him as well. Cheers

  • Anonymous

    Frank thanks for the awesome post. I, and many others, are praying the Rosary for Fr. Corapi and that the Truth will prevail! As Fr. Corapi says, Immaculate Heart of Mary, I place ALL my trust in you!

  • Anonymous

    Well said. I'm picturing R. Lee Ermey saying all that.

  • Old SF (Combat, Airborne)

    NOTE: Army wife above was spot on and correct using Army speak – she can get away with it, but just so everyone knows (even if no one cares) Marines have a different language. "Hooah!" Is Army (originally RANGER) speak.Marines say, "UuRAH!" Or "HOORAH!" however you want to spell it – it sounds more like UUU RAH! Like they are starting to throw up first – which is somewhat unsurprising. Rangers say HOOAH! Or HUA! Sounds more like HUA. It is one word and pronounced quickly, sounding a lot less like someone is puking. Often said twice as in, "HUA HUA?" ("Roger, Check, Affirmative, Got it?")One definition of HOOAH! – as I learned it eons ago – "One Ranger talking to another Ranger, in a language they both understand, representing mission accomplishment and job well done."As for the Marines' definition of HOORAH: I don't know. Maybe they are just puking. :) Ha ha. God bless the Marines (too)!

  • Frank

    That would be, OOHRAH!, for the record.Semper Fidelis

  • Tiff

    Thank you Frank for such a positive post on the whole situation. I've been telling everyone I know that if they're like me and need some assistance and focus when praying the Rosary, there's a great website that has a Scriptural Rosary I really enjoy: you'll get a chance to check it out if you haven't seen it before.

  • Olga

    Great first ten! I propose we keep adding: 11. Lets put on our holy armor and offer up a rosary everyday for Fr. Corapi, until this crisis is over. And read "Onward Catholic Soldier" by John Labriola. Anyone up for 12.?

  • alicia

    Re; #2 above – anyone with a smart phone (android, iphone, blackberry etc) look for the app called iBreviary. It is the liturgy of the hours. No excuses!

  • Anonymous

    Well thought out, I would like to include a line from the NCO CREED ( merely to supplement the point)- I will exercise initiative by taking appropriate action in the absence of orders. It's easy to talk the talk, but a Catholic's true test is to walk the walk, specifically in trying times such as these.Fr. Corapi is in mine and my comrade's prayers.- Gabriel ( US. Army 11B)

  • Frank

    Gabriel: That is the kind of thinking I wrote about here: To be Technically and Tactically Proficient

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for this article as I needed it !! Fr. John always referred to military strategies which I really enjoy and make sense to me.Elsa

  • Dirtdartwife

    Thanks for a wonderful list! Love it!

  • Roxane B. Salonen

    This is great and put everything in perspective nicely! Thank you for pushing through the tough times with us. :)

  • Julia

    I with you Frank, this all just makes me want to be more Catholic than ever. Satan forever will be attacking our best leaders, this comes as no surprise.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing is Impossible With God !! God is on Father's side. Keep up the good work, and pray for him. Everyone is a sinner! Everyone can be forgiven. Father Caropi has prayed for us, now we must pray for him.God Bless,Marlys Brezinsky

  • Anonymous

    I was saddened by the EWTN and Father's order suspending him, but your blog is a light. Thank you for showing the light during this time of attack and darkness.

  • Anonymous

    This is so right on, and exactly what Father Corapi has always asked everyone to do…pray for him and for all of God's priests because they are always under attack!

  • Marian

    Excellent list, Frank! And I'm sure Fr. Corapi would just love it! He always says that his Mother, our Mother, wears Combat Boots! Another item for your list: The Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Takes 10 minutes and packs a powerful punch to the enemy!God Bless you and thank you for your service!

  • Joe

    This is God at work. From all that disasterous news comes these ideas that are making us stronger. May God bless Fr. Corapi and all of you.

  • An Australian catholic mother.

    Mary Mother of the Church, Mother of Priests and Religious. Ask for them all today. The Grace, to do God's bidding, no matter what the world may say.The Grace to be strong and courageous.The Grace to be loyal and true.The Grace to be faithful always, to Christ, His Church and to You! I say this prayer every day…….. often many times a day. For the good ones like Fr Corapi and the ones who have lost SOmuch.

  • Anonymous

    Frank: What a wonderful post! We can all take something away from this. I have found if you do number 7 the rest of the day takes care of itself and makes all the other suggestions fall right into place.Rick

  • Anonymous

    These are the best ideas that I have read on how to deal with this situation while Fr. Corapi is on leave. He would want all of his followers to get busy and keep moving forward. Best piece of advise written. My favorite is the Rosary. I can can a Rosary anytime of the day or night.

  • Stefanie

    Gosh, I missed this the first time around, but wise words in March are still wise words in July.

  • Gloria

    Please mother keep a one eye looking down on brother John .Through your Son and Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN