Because Irony Is God’s Way of Lightening Our Load (Friday Funnies)

Photo credit: Sameli 

Go ahead…I dare you not to crack a smile at these. Push all liquids away from your keyboard, swallow any food you have in your mouth, and don’t forget to breathe. I’m probably the last person to have seen them.

Go see more here. Happy Friday!

  • Anne

    This is absolutely hysterical. I was on the train reading your post and in tears of laughter. Thank you Big man. Have a beautiful weekend.

  • Frank


  • Ismael

    hahah LOL!Although the third one might be interpreted also as 'in spite of all the bad things that occur to us, we can be happy' and not only a very fani dicotomy XD

  • Sam

    YES! I suggest following #5! All windows users will be assimilated… er I mean, The mac is a high quality product that I wholeheartedly recommend.

  • Joe Heschmeyer

    The bottom one is no mistake — a church in Kansas did the same thing. The jarring juxtaposition should stir our conscience so we choose our Master.

  • Anthony S. Layne

    Number 4 really got me. It should have said, "Illiterate? We'll help you get work in public-service advertising!" Have a great weekend, Frank!

  • Frank

    The gull on the sign cracks me up every time. And the Parish Hall sign?! =)