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There I was, writing about pluralism. So my friend Mark Shea has been catching some heat lately for commenting on a video where self-proclaimed Catholic role-model, and all around knowledgeable guy, Michael Voris, blasts the hymn Amazing Grace for leading all Catholics into perdition’s flames. There’s a host of similar conspiracies that have been hatched on us too, and MV dutifully warns us of them all.

Here is what Mark wrote, and is now being pilloried for.

Maybe I can help divide the forces attacking the Dark Lord of the Pacific Northwest! Mark Shea is a big boy. He can handle stuff like this without any assistance from Joe Six-Pack, USMC. I mean, he’s taken him on for trying to act like a bishop before. But what the heck, Sun Tzu would approve of me working to divide the forces of an aggressor on an ally, so here goes.

Sure, anyone with their head on straight can simply ignore this guy easily, seeing as his venue of choice is YouTube. I’d rather watch Otis Rush play blues guitar over there than listen to another uncharitable rant by Michael Voris.

Back in April, I suggested reading the saints makes more sense. Now, thanks to a tip from a friend of a friend, and the interwebs, I have the video that I hope will make even the most sanguine, and die-hard fan of the Vortex scratch their head and say, What the hell?! It’s from way back in October of last year, but somehow, I missed it then. This is painful to watch…

Micheal Voris on the Proper Form of Government

YouTube Preview Image

Heh. And you thought I just grabbed the title for this post out of thin air. Thankfully, and I reckon Michael doesn’t grasp this, the United States Government isn’t a direct democracy. It is a republican form of government and a representative democracy. Perhaps he hasn’t read the Constitution, and frankly I wonder if he ever read the Federalist Papers? No. 51 in particular. Importantly, the Church seems pretty pleased with the advent of representative democracy and the freedoms they have given human beings, but what does she know?

Uh-oh, it looks like some pesky stuff from Vatican II. Yep, from Guadium et spes, aka the Pastoral Constitution of the Church in the Modern World. Remember my post on that document? Here’s a couple of relevant nuggets,

#73. The present keener sense of human dignity has given rise in many parts of the world to attempts to bring about a politico-juridical order which will give better protection to the rights of the person in public life. These include the right freely to meet and form associations, the right to express one’s own opinion and to profess one’s religion both publicly and privately. The protection of the rights of a person is indeed a necessary condition so that citizens, individually or collectively, can take an active part in the life and government of the state.

#75. It is in full accord with human nature that juridical-political structures should, with ever better success and without any discrimination, afford all their citizens the chance to participate freely and actively in establishing the constitutional bases of a political community, governing the state, determining the scope and purpose of various institutions, and choosing leaders.

Hmmm. I knew I liked the Council for a number of reasons. Go read that whole section on The Life of the Political Community.

Like Mark said in his post on Amazing Grace, I’m not sure why folks listen to Mr.Voris at all. He is my Christian brother too, but this is way over the line. Joe Six-Pack, USMC spent a good part of his life defending his country, and by extension, the Constitution. All those serving in the Armed Forces have taken an oath to uphold and defend it as well. I’ve even had friends who have been killed while under oath to it.

Nope, if this is “Real Catholic TV,” then I’ll eat my copy of the Catechism. “Real Crazy TV” seems like a better title to me.

Hey, I’ve got a better idea! I’ll keep my copy of the Catechism (and Gaudium et spes) in good shape and instead, I’ll just take my family out to see the final Harry Potter movie.


Creative Minority Report posts, Voris & Shea: Can’t We All Just Get Along? How about beers in a rose garden somewhere! —Publius :)

UPDATE II: A then, a few days later…

U.S. Military Color Guard with the Colors
and the Papal Flag

  • Jason W

    The whole story about Amazing Grace shows that we Catholics do not have a monopoly on God's grace. It is generally accepted that the song is a musical biography of John Newton. A slave ship captain he worked under once referred to Newton as the "most profane man" he ever knew. Think about that for a second. How bad did he have to be for a SLAVER CAPTAIN to give him that title. Newton wasn't proclaiming anti-Catholic thought when he wrote of being a wretch, he was acknowledging his former personal depravity, a state that was beyond question. But Newton later become one of the most well-known preachers in Christendom, a man known for his virtue. It seems the height of arrogance to condemn the song that describes the incredible change the writer experienced in his life. There is only one place a change of that magnitude can come from, and Newton correctly identified that as God's grace. It is also wrong of Voris to imply that Protestants are the standard for divorce, abortion, and cohabitation – all of which have been traditionally rejected by Protestant Christians. Catholics are all to involved in that to say we have just followed the Protestant lead. I disagree with Mark on occasion. He was right on this one.

  • Dcn Scott Dodge

    Frank: An absolutely great post. We live in a time when anyone with video equipment armed with a bachelor's degree in sacred theology can take to the web and gather a following of like-minded people. I was very distressed by the brothers Archbold yesterday and their plea to Mark, Can't we all just get along? Their defense of Voris was, Yea, he gets it wrong once in awhile, but then we all do. It's certainly true that most of us, including myself, who write and speak publicly write and say things once in awhile that we look back at an say, What was I thinking It seems to me that Voris, even when he gets it right, gets it wrong. As no less than Damian Thompson noted in a piece entitled Lesbian-hugging, Marxist nuns have reduced US parishes to nuclear wasteland, Catholic pundit tentatively suggests, "I’ve posted this video only to show what can happen when conservative Catholic commentators lose their sense of charity."

  • Jane

    Eesh. What a "maroon." It's folks like Voris that turn me off of associating with anyone in the Church. Go to Mass, go home. I couldn't watch this past 1:46. I *had* to turn it off. Disgusting.

  • Frank

    How 'bout that Otis Rush?! :D

  • Sandy

    Frank,Sun Tzu would approve.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Frank,You mention alot that you're a Marine, very uncommon I think (except for John Kerry -Navy), since my bother and sister who served in USMC don't mention it at all, even my brother who served 2 years in Nam. It doesn't surprize that you don't like Voris and are a friend of Marsha Shea. Falls write in line of what I thought about you. Jasper

  • Frank

    Jasper! Long time no hear. Yes, sometimes I even write posts from the perspective of some character who goes by the nom de plume, "Joe Six-Pack, USMC." I have even had the audacity to place actual photographs of myself, in uniform(!), in various posts on the blog too. Like the very first post, here, and here.And did you miss the Memorial Day post here? Actually, just search "Marines" in the blogs search window and the place where I spent my adult formative years will be displayed for all to see.I know, I know, that is bold, as some folks we both know have never, ever done that. You know, share photographs of themselves in uniform. Of course, it's quite possible that this is because they aren't, and never were, what they claimed to be. But I am more than willing to concede that in my case, the sin of pride, my constant nemesis, may have something to do with this as well. As for the video above of Mr. Voris, are you seriously defending his thoughts therein? Your brother and sister might take offense at that, but I can't read their minds or souls nor do I deign to try. In further regard to Mr. Voris, I'm quite sure that folks who don't know the difference between the sword manual and a hole in the wall should not go around brandishing swords. I worry for his safety. Perhaps he's longing for the day when they can bring to life the words of Psalm 149? I do not know. No my good man. I prefer to stick with the more penitent Psalms, like #51 and #140 instead. And in all honesty, as I mentioned above, I prefer using YouTube for music and not for faulty theology and sound bite size catechises. After all, Catholicism is a deep matter. It cannot be taken up in a teacup. -Blessed Cardinal John Henry NewmanAs for your ungentlemanly calling of my male civilian friend by a feminine first name, instead of by his actual Christian name, you do astound me sir! I had hoped that you were a man of impeccable character, aye, a guiding light and role model of Christian manhood who never, ever, would deign to make such a childish, and uncharitable utterance. I can only say that my affinity for the likes of Mr. Shea, and for the likes of you as well, has been completely transformed since my conversion to Catholicism. Thanks be to God!I forgive you this trespass my good man, as I am bound to do so. Good morrow, and Pax Christi. Your obedient servant,

  • Anonymous

    Well I'm glad you forgave my cheapshots, it was uncalled for on my part. From a soldier to a Marine -thanks for your service. "I prefer using YouTube for music and not for faulty theology and sound bite size catechises."I bet you can't find a video where Voris is teaching faulty theology… The tide is turning. I think Voris should teach all the unfaithul and weak-need at the USSCB a course in the Cathecism. He loves the Church just like you do.Jasper

  • Frank

    Jasper, I hope and pray that is the case. That said, I think in all humility that "the unfaithful and weak-kneeded" are all of us. Regarding the theology, others more knowledgeable than I say otherwise. But I am trying, and I fail often, to follow the wisdom that the Holy Spirit speaks through St. John.Your prayers are appreciated.