For the Coolest Blog That Added YIMCatholic to Their Blog Roll

I mean seriously, my hearts goes all soft and warm when I see stuff like this. This is the New Evangelization in action. Would you believe coming out of Emmaus? John C.H.Wu and Dom Lou Tseng-Tsiang are smiling. Me too.

What does the post say? Dunno. But I can make out 2 Corinthians 4: 7-15.

Thank you TingTing Tse…you just made my day!

  • Fran

    Have you been to Israel? If not, you should really consider going. That is very cool, I just wish that I could read more of it!!

  • Frank

    No I have not. Cairo was the closest I got. And yes ma'am, because Google Translate just doesn't cut the mustard. ;)

  • TingTing Tse

    haha… I'm TingTing Tse.. and yes, I lived in Emmaus for a year, I gained toooooooo much in this wonderful Holy place. any information you are searching about? God Bless you much, and all readers.

  • Frank

    You just keep on keepin' on TingTing. God bless and keep you. :)

  • Jeanette

    The site has Vultus Christi listed; my favorite priest blog, however, Fr. Jenkins has now tied. :) But you are in some very good company, Frank. Congratulations!!