Election Mania 2012 Trivia: The Military’s Favorite?

Election mania trivia: which candidate received the most in contributions from members of the military? Ron Paul, that’s who. The photo above is current through the end of Q3, and the linked article here reports through Q2.

Folks who took oaths to support and defend the Constitution of the United States seem to be speaking with their very limited pocketbooks. The source of this not so top secret information? The Federal Election Commission, of course. They divvy up sources of funds that every candidate receives by donors based on state, employer, zipcode, etc. Here is Ron Paul’s campaign contributions listed by folks employers.

Here’s a few examples you can glean from this data. Let’s use Goldman Sachs as an individual’s identifying employer. Then let’s put US Army as the employer next to that.

Goldman Sachs                 US Army

Ron Paul:                                  $2500                               $16093

Mitt Romney:                          $54000                                $500

Rick Perry:                              $5500                                  $1250

Herman Cain:                              $0                                      $700

Michelle Bachman:                     $0                                       $0

Rick Santorum:                           $0                                       $0

Newt Gingrich:                            $0                                       $0

Barack Obama:                         $1649                                 $2170


Update: Employees of Catholic organizations two favorite candidates.

  • Martial Artist

    That is very good news. I, too, am a Ron Paul supporter, and found my donation on the FEC list to which you linked. It is listed through my current employer, but I am also a veteran, albeit retired from the USN in 1991, as well as having been received into the Catholic Church along with my wife at Pentecost 2010. I am thankful to Mark Shea, who posted a link to this article at his blog on Patheos today.

    Pax et bonum,
    Keith Töpfer