So I Took This Survey on Who I Should Vote For…

It’s put out by an outfit called, and I had no big surprise in what came back. I’ll tell you how I marked my answer sheet on the some of the questions too. Remember this cartoon from the 2008 Primaries? The past is prologue.

How did I vote? If Catholic teaching supports a position, I voted to choose a candidate that supports that position. Likewise, if Catholic teaching is against a position (torture, abortion, embryonic stem cell research, the death penalty, etc.), I voted to choose a candidate that is against that position. I also voted in favor of civil liberties and not in favor of the Patriot Act, so I’m wacky that way too.

So, for example, here is Question 4:

4. What would be your ideal candidate’s position on the WATERBOARDING of terrorism suspects?

They would favor it, viewing it as “enhanced interrogation” and a valuable tool in the war on terror.


They would oppose it, viewing it as “torture” and counterproductive, illegal and/or immoral.  <<=== My Choice




To keep it simple, for all the questions I left the default selection unchanged (which is “Medium”). And if the Church had no definite position, I applied the concept of subsidiarity to the question. On three of the 20 questions I answered  “neither.”

My results (FYI, I voted “Yes” on both questions 19 and 20) are as follows:

1. Ideal Theoretical Candidate (100%)
2. Ron Paul* (76%)
3. Mitt Romney* (67%)
4. Rick Santorum* (65%)
5. Michele Bachmann* (60%)
6. Newt Gingrich* (60%)
7. Barack Obama* (53%)
8. Rick Perry* (52%)
9. John Boehner (50%)
10. Mike Pence (50%)
11. Sarah Palin (50%)
12. Gary Johnson* (47%)
13. Bobby Jindal (47%)
14. Eric Cantor (45%)
15. Jon Huntsman* (44%)
16. Buddy Roemer* (43%)
17. Mike Huckabee (43%)
18. Lindsey Graham (42%)
19. Rob Portman (40%)
20. Herman Cain (39%)
21. Tim Pawlenty (37%)
22. Wayne Allyn Root (36%)
23. Haley Barbour (34%)
24. Jeb Bush (32%)
25. Hillary Clinton (30%)
26. Mitch Daniels (30%)
27. Joseph Biden (28%)
28. Donald Trump (20%)
29. Michael Bloomberg (15%)

How accurate is this survey? You’re asking the wrong guy. But go take it and have some fun with it.

  • Thomas R

    I didn’t like the options in the questions. Also, judging by things on the page, I’m thinking this is likely skewed to give one Ron Paul. Unlike most on the Catholic Portal I didn’t like Paul for President in 2008 and I don’t like him for it now, but I got higher for him than you did. Which I don’t buy.

    • Frank Weathers

      It’s not. Play with the answers a little and see what happens.

      • Thomas R

        If I intentionally give answers that I’m pretty certain are opposite to Paul’s positions he does go down to 24%. If I pick the first thing every time he’s at 37%. If I pick the second thing every time he comes out sixth, although Santorum becomes the only candidate running to be above him. If I pick the third thing every time Ron Paul gets a 100%.

        Take from that what you will.

  • Martial Artist

    Well, if Thomas thinks the poll is skewed towards Ron Paul, I must wonder how familiar he is with Ron Paul’s principles and how he applies them to real world questions.

    I am an unabashed supporter of the good Doctor and Congressman, so my results aren’t particularly surprising:

    1. Ideal Theoretical Candidate (100%)
    2. Ron Paul* (91%)
    3. Rick Santorum* (69%)
    4. Mitt Romney* (64%)
    5. Michele Bachmann* (63%)
    6. Newt Gingrich* (62%)

    And I’m not even surprised that Gingrich is slightly behind Bachmann. What does surprise me is that they seem to think Obama rates a 44% (tied with Cain) on the basis of my responses.

    Pax et bonum,
    Keith Töpfer

    • Thomas R

      I’ve been aware of Ron Paul since 2008 and went to his site then, etc.

      Since he’s well liked at the Catholic portal, and particularly in this group, I’m actually hesitant to be as blunt on him as I really feel. However basically

      I don’t believe in the Austrian School from what I understand of it.
      I don’t have his faith in the markets.
      I think his foreign policy is unrealistic, untenable, and borderline loopy.

      The questions were maybe not intended to bias toward Paul, but the main issue is that where I disagree with Paul most there was either no question or no option I’d agree with accept “neither.” I tried two different answering patterns that could fit me, but that I know go against Paul’s thinking. I still got Paul anyway. Granted I certainly can give answers that would give me someone other than Paul, if I work at it, but I get 68% for Paul even if I answer “Neither” every time that that’s an option and go pro-drug-war. (It’s curious the marijuana seems to be about the only one to have no “Neither” option) Although I’d grant that answering pattern places Paul lower than all the other major candidates except Romney and Obama.

  • Anthony S. Layne

    I must have done something wrong. Ron Paul came up #2; #1 one was — wait for it! — Barack Obama! AS IF!

    • Frank Weathers

      I think that may have to do with keeping every choice in the survey as “equal” in importance.

  • Frank

    If you believe this post from the Ace of Spades site maybe Ron Paul is not such a great choice for Catholics or anyone. Ace is provocative or maybe polemical but I like a mix of sources on the web.

    • Frank Weathers

      Thanks Frank. All of that is news to me (except the wacky conspiracy theory stuff). Though I have heard that most of this “news” was refuted long ago, it speaks to the no-holds-barred nature of ethics in the political sphere. Caveat emptor.