“Marky Mark” Grew Up And Digs the New Translation

Among other things. Mark Wahlberg, see,  was interviewed on the CBS This Morning show today. Can he say, Consubstantial on the air? Yes.he.can.

I think CBS got it backwards though. It’s Faith, Family, and Film, and in that order. Go and see the article. Go check out Mark’s website too, while you’re thinking about it. And he’s going to make a movie with Justin Bieber too? Nice.

UPDATE: Why you need to pray for Justin Bieber.

  • slats

    How nice to hear a good man speak so un-selfconciously of his prayer life. It is also nice to see that he is wearing a rosary under his shirt. I have heard him speak about how his Catholic faith saved his life, and that he tries to go to Mass every day.

    God bless him for his good example.

  • http://platytera.blogspot.com/ Christian

    A pleasant surprise.

  • http://wademichaelstonge.blogspot.com Wade St. Onge

    I find it a contradiction that we are, on the one hand, so critical of premarital sex, and on the other hand, gloss over the fact that Mark Wahlberg has had several children out of wedlock with his now-wife. We are applying a double-standard: if you are a Hollywood star who is public about the fact you attend daily Mass, then we will take a different perspective on your practice of premarital sex than we will of the “average” Catholic.

    • Charles

      I leave that for God to decide where Mark Wahlberg stands in regards to the fornication of his past.

      If I remember correctly did not many of the Saints also suffer from fornication of their pasts as well? Should we reject St. Augustine for his sinful past of debauchery and fornication? Should we reject St. Jerome for his lustful desires he had in his heart even when he was scribing the Latin Bible?

      Maybe Mark Wahlberg sinned and still sins. But his desire may lead him closer to being Christlike. I say we pray for him not to stumble, as we all do and to let his pat remain between him and Christ.

      • JimK

        Great comment Charles. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize how merciful God is. One of my favorite gospels is Jesus’ parable regarding the laborers in the vineyard. We are never too old or too sinful to accept and be forgiven by Christ. As you stated, many of the saints were non-believers in their early life, but later found God. As a priest once told me, the difference between a sinner and saint is that the saint knows his/her sins.

      • http://wademichaelstonge.blogspot.com Wade St. Onge

        That’s fine, Charles. But do you say the same about other Catholics who have done and continue to do likewise?

    • Keystone28

      Wade, dont you have anything in your past that wasn’t good? My past before (marriage and RCIA) was a train wreck! Give the guy a break, he’s making an effort and seems genuine. Personally, I think it’s great to see a catholic celebrity whose not anti semitic for once!

  • Paul Brinker

    I don’t think anyone is “glossing over” Mr. Wahlberg’s past. Let’s remember that one of the primary precepts of our faith is forgiveness. Mr. Wahlberg married the mother of his kids and admits he did some things he is not proud of. He is trying to live a good life as a husband and father and be a good example to his children now. Those are virtues that are a good example for everyone – profit from your mistakes and do better.

  • Frank Weathers

    We’re all “works in progress.” Well, I know I am.

    • http://wademichaelstonge.blogspot.com Wade St. Onge

      Frank, do you say the same about Catholics who, for instance, contracept?

  • http://www.sewmuchsunshine.blogspot.com Nicole

    Marky Mark is a baller!

    • Frank Weathers

      You meant a “brawler?”

  • Tom B

    I’m not a people page reader and not all that knowledgeable about Mark Walberg’s life, but I think I recall reading that he had some sort of conversion and when unmarried with 3 children, decided to get married have the children baptized and has since been a daily communicant. So the children out of wedlock were before this conversion. I’m basing this all on a memory of a story I read some time ago, though.

  • Matt

    He sat behind me in Mass one day. I was very surprised to see him there. I later did a little research and found out that he is indeed devouted to his faith and has been for some time now.

  • Chris H.

    Seems to me I remember Our Lord once admonishing those in the crowd…He who is without sin, cast the first stone. I’m not perfect and certainly am not willing to cast aspersion on someone who seems to be geniunely in favor of our faith.

    • http://wademichaelstonge.blogspot.com Wade St. Onge

      So, Chris, you never say anything negative about the sins of Barack Obama, Tiger Woods, or anyone else?

  • Peter

    What a great interview…I take this guy at face value, totally legit. And as for his past, what God forgives He does not remember, so why should we remember and accuse? Going to see that movie soon.

  • mama10kids

    I was so surprised to see he and his faith was treated with respect
    by the interviewers. God bless Mark and his beautiful family.

  • http://wademichaelstonge.blogspot.com Wade St. Onge

    I agree in substance with everything you have all said about Mark Wahlberg.

    What I disagree with is the fact you do not apply that same standard to everyone and take the same forgiving, patient, charitable tone and attitude.

    Everything you have said about Mark Wahlberg, his past, and his sins: say likewise to everyone.

    Pax tecum.

    • Frank Weathers

      And how do you know that everyone who commented here doesn’t, Wade? Special insight into our souls? An all-seeing eye on our actions? I can tell you that, aside from myself, every person that you singled out in your comments is a first time commenter on the blog here. That includes you. So here is a suggestion for all of us, courtesy of the Holy Spirit inspired words of St. John,

      If anyone sees his brother sinning, if the sin is not deadly, he should pray to God and he will give him life. This is only for those whose sin is not deadly. There is such a thing as deadly sin, about which I do not say that you should pray.

      And of St. Paul, from a few days back.

      So let’s relax a little bit, mind the planks in our own eyes, and rejoice that one of our brothers joyfully and simply, and without a trace of shame, witnessed to the faith. The unearned graces he, and we all, receive through the sacraments and prayers (like the ones St. John speaks of above), is the Good News.

      • Elisha

        High-five Frank! Well said.