White House Petition Update: Houston…We Need a Faster Ship UPDATED

See that awesome rocket plane above? Twenty-two short hours ago, that was our new ticket to the top of the pyramid. We had moved from the Blackbird to the X-15. But it turns out that the X-15 was just another step in the climb, see? She was only good for about 4500 knots indicated airspeed.

Our goal is substantially higher. Do you know the escape velocity needed to get into space from Earth? 25,000 knots. Imagine that. That’s the same number of signatures the petition needs.

So Mission Control has decided that we need to strap on a new bird. Something that can fly higher, and go faster than the previous rides. It may not get us to the moon and back, but it’s a start. When this shot was taken, see, she was accelerating and had climbed past 8,420 signatures, at 12:00 (EST). Let’s call her the Freedom of Conscience.

The "Freedom of Conscience" has liftoff!

Thanks to the fuel (signatures and prayers) that good folks like you have provided, the clock is running, and all systems are Go!

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