Mail Call! Items From My “In” Basket For Your Consideration

Occasionally, folks send me e-mails with tidbits and requests that I share with readers. It’s all part of following the Welborn Protocol, so here are a couple from today.

First up, several regarding the follow-on petition that is climbing the altimeter over at the White House. I mentioned it the other day, and the first of these notes is from yesterday evening. The link for this petition is right over there. ==>>

Rescind the HHS Mandate Petition: Take 2

The new petition is officially “searchable” having reached its first 150 signatures. Not bad for only 2 days!

But along with this bit of news, here is some food for thought. A lot of the coverage in the news has tried to paint the move for rescinding the HHS mandate as a predominately male idea- “where are the cries for women’s rights?”

Well, looking at the first names of the signatures, 48% are women while 45% are male. (Gender could not be completely assumed for the remaining 7% of the signatures.)

Of course, gender is really not the concern. This is a matter of universally protecting the rights of all people to follow their conscience within our United States.

6:55 PM ET- 168 Signatures

Not bad Theresa! And this one just came in as well,

Mr. Weathers,

Can your blog please start tracking and backing the new updated petition to Rescind the HHS Mandate on the White House website? It has just passed mile marker 632 on it’s 25,000 mile trek.!/petition/rescind-hhs-mandate-requiring-catholic-institutions-provide-insurance-covering-contraception-their/mG8SwXxj

With your help, this petition rejecting Obama’s (non)compromise, will skyrocket and be another successful petition for newspapers to cite in their articles.

Michael L. Dahmke (not the creator of petition, just a signer)

I don’t know about tracking it, though it’s cooking along nicely and about to break the sound barrier at 695 signatures, but I definitely signed it and approve of it. Next up, someone sent me some information about a free class on the Constitution at Hillsdale College.

This is a class given via online video presentation, FREE and ON-DEMAND, by Hillsdale College. Hillsdale is a college that takes The Constitution very seriously. I am going to take this class. I pass this on in the event you may want to join me.

Sounds like a good deal to me. It can’t hurt to have a refresher on the greatest document of its kind ever written.

Now, onto the last item: long-time readers of the blog know that on Mondays, I usually do a music post. Lately, however, I’ve been busy fighting tyranny and such and so I haven’t done a separate music post in several weeks. I’ve slipped music into posts when I can though, and today a reader asked me to do a Casey Kasem style dedication to the Administration with the following song by Tina Turner.

Could you play “You Better be Good to Me” by Tina Turner? It’s seriously perfect for what he’s doing to Catholics right now…and when you consider 54% of Catholics voted for him, it.just.hurts.

Sing it Tina,

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