Marcel LeJeune of “Aggie Catholics” Teaches a Civics Lesson and Links a Plenty

for the tyrannically challenged. Why the HHS Mandate Is The Biggest Issue Since Roe V Wade. I told ya’ll I love Texans.

Yes, this isn’t just about contraceptives and who pays for them. It’s about the Constitutional freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights for all Americans. Or is what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr saying below, you know, the night before he was assassinated, meaningless now?

Listen up, Mr. President, because this one’s for you.

Marcel mentions Roe vs. Wade, so I’ll share another post about the “war against the womb” that has been raging for some time. Joanne McPortland of the blog egregious twaddle sheds much needed light on that in her post, Barking Cheerleaders, Wandering Wombs.

Officially,the USCCB says this is a step in the right direction, and an opportunity for constructive dialogue. Which is better than not talking to the Church at all, as was the case earlier.

And Marc Barnes notices that, all of the sudden, being Catholic is cool. Ya gotta love these young people.

Read them all and stand fast to the truth.

  • Kml

    Hi, Frank. Wondering if anyone else got the White House memo in response to the petition. At 8:00pst. On a Friday. I love how they quoted Catholics United and CHA above NARAL and Planned Parenthood. I mean, if *they’re* all on board with it, how could I as a Catholic possibly still dissent?

    Thank you for your coverage on this.