Max Lindenman Ponders the Question: After the HHS Mandate, Are We Family?

Or is this just a political “flash in the pan?” I think it’s the former, at least for a little while, but Max has different thoughts in his post, Here Comes Everybody? Don’t Bet On It. I’d comment further, but I’m kinda busy trying to get into orbit right now. The good ship Freedom of Conscience just cleared through 16,000 signatures. Folks must be taking this scripture passage to heart on this issue. You know me, “Mr. Pamchenko.

But in the cockpit, we’re jamming to Neil Young’s, Families. Care to join us?

  • Tim

    I would have to agree with Max. Growing up in the North Eastern Ohio area (around Cleveland), I’m familiar with many Catholic Democrats. From my experience, they put politics before religion, so when they conflict, the party trumps the Church (I imagine the same could be said about Republicans, but I don’t know very many).

    Not to mention that they don’t find the Church particularly persuasive and tend to be proud of their disagreements with Her. So, with all that in mind, I believe that it will be a matter of sooner rather than later.