Meanwhile, George Weigel Clarifies Things…

for folks who are used to getting all of their views from the sclerotic filters that trap and extinguish their abilities to think and reason. His article over on National Review Online, in as gentle a manner as is possible for Mr. Weigel, attempts to help make sense, for those who are still wandering in the wilderness of confused hero worship of the God-King, the bishops’ most recent statement. The one in which they say things like,

“We remain fully committed to the defense of our religious liberty and we strongly protest the violation of our freedom of religion that has not been addressed. We continue to work for the repeal of the mandate. We have grave reservations that the government is intruding in the definition of who is and who is not a religious employer . . .”

Go read it all. And you know what George did too? You’re not going to believe it, and maybe he won’t either, but his article made me think of another Neil Young song from the album Living With War. It’s called After the Garden is Gone, and it is a lamentation of all the liberties that we in the U.S. are losing with laws like the Patriot Act. Dare I say that this song also applies to the liberties that the HHS Mandate threatens to take away? I’m a Catholic, so i’m not into folks removing parts of documents that they currently have a little trouble with.

But as a measure of the odd nature of the times, Weigel’s thoughts and Neil Young’s song go together like peas and carrots. Because after reading Weigel’s piece, think of life in the United States without true religious freedom. Truly, that would be a barren land, as Neil’s lyrics will help you to imagine.

Let’s save the garden.

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