Meanwhile, In Mr. Obama’s Old Stomping Grounds, John Kass writes…

in the Op-Ed pages of the Chicago Tribune,

The way President Barack Obama has started a war with Roman Catholics, you might think Obama never set foot in a predominantly Catholic town like Chicago.

Even a lowly alderman would have played it smarter. And Obama is much smarter than some machine alderman. The man spent years at the feet of the machine lords, petitioning for their favor. And they’re mostly Catholic. Didn’t Obama learn anything?

Oh, he learned about playing the empty vessel to the yearning throngs of journalists and other mythmakers desperate for something secular to believe in. He endorsed the politicians they told him to endorse, he voted absentee rather than challenge authority and he climbed his ambition to power.

Go read the whole thing. Seriously, Mr. President, your overconfidence will lead to your undoing. Hubris has a way of making one blind to reality.

And what about us? How should we react to all this? Like Christians, of course. We must remember the two greatest commandments, and apply them like so: to season well, be just enough yeast, and not blind others.

*Image credit: Saul Loeb, Getty-AFP photo / July 10, 2009

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