Behold! The Holy Week Treasure Map

I’m not saying it’s perfect, but it is worth sharing.

It would be neat, for example, if the Holy Thursday description noted that the Messiah, the new Moses, institutes the New Passover Feast, the Eucharist, so we can be led out of bondage (this world) by him into the new promised land (the new heaven and earth), but who am I to criticize? Besides, there’s no space for all of that.

I only wish I knew who came up with this, so I could tell them “Bravo Zulu.”

  • Jim

    Some people say that Jesus wasn’t the Messiah because He rose again shy of 3 – 24 Hr. Periods. How do we respond to that? Basically there thought goes like this:

    Day One [Friday] Jesus dies on the Cross in the Afternoon. Day Two [Saturday] Jesus is in Hades and Liberates. Day Three [Sunday] Jesus is found missing from the Tomb in the Morning. But if He was to rise again 3 days later it would need to be in the Afternoon, therefore Jesus isn’t the Messiah.

    Typically I tell these people to stop reading the Bible Literally, and that He rose again in 3 days as promised [Fri; Sat; Sun] maybe not necessarily in exactly 24 hours but a new day past while we waited.

    • Frank Weathers

      Stuff Jesus didn’t say at the Last Supper: “Synchronize your watches.” :)

    • Paige

      The best explanation I have heard for this is that Jews considered one day to be sunrise to sunset– not 24 hour periods. I can’t remember all the details, but I bet Jimmy Akin has something about it on his blog.

      Also, from a design standpoint, I wish the donkey Jesus was riding on was facing the other way… it looks like Jesus is riding away from Holy Week, not into it :)

      • Frank Weathers

        Good eye, Paige.

  • whimsy

    My parish once had a vacation Bible school with the theme “treasure island” or something. All week the script had the actors pump up the kids with “a treasure for everyone in this pirate’s chest”.

    It was awkward at the end of the week when the script said, “Jesus is our Treasure, and He’s for everyone!” and all the kids were let down because they were hoping for money and candy.

  • Gina

    Folks tend to forget that Christ’s actual Passion began on Holy Thursday. At the moment of Consecration, Jesus gave His consent to the Father regarding the sacrificial role He was about to embark upon. That moment is the spark that began His Passion.

    His agony in the garden followed in which He prayed for the full repentance of ALL sinners, most especially Judas, I’m sure.

    From there He felt the betrayal of Judas and the violence of the guards who shackled Him and bullied Him along the path towards Caiaphas. He was spat upon, kicked, beaten and humiliated every step of the way. Each blow that fell upon Him, each indignity, He offered up in atonement for our sins.

    People always forget that Holy Thursday was very much a part of Christ’s Passion, not just the horror of Good Friday. Christ suffered so much more than we can ever fully realize, and lopping off Holy Thursday tends to make that even easier for us.

    And if anyone tries to argue against that, just remind them that Christ gave us the Mass that night through the Institution of both the Eucharist and the Priesthood. We can’t have the Eucharist without the death / resurrection of Christ (which is what the Eucharist celebrates). Since Christ is God – timeless and unconstrained by that 4th dimensional reality – His Sacrifice was already fully present through His consent to God the Father.

    Just as the Mass today brings us front and center to the true foot of the Cross, that first Mass then also brought the Apostles to the Cross before they had the chance to flee in fear from it.

  • AnnSophia

    I believe this was created by the Coptic Orthodox Church, I’ve been using it in my Sunday school Class for about 3 years now. Great tool for learning with my grade 5 class, they bring it with them each night of Holy Week to Pascha and follow along.

  • patrick

    The map is from Saint Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Church of Washington D.C. we’ve been using it for a few years now. I’m currently living in England and looked it up and came here :-)

    • Frank Weathers

      Thank you, Patrick!

  • patrick
  • Carolyn

    I think it’s perfect!! — just add “and instituted the priesthood” to Holy Thursday. Shared this with my RCIA.
    (And as for the Messiah rising on the 3rd day: the 3 days begins with the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Thursday and is reckoned by the Jewish way of telling telling time, a new day began at sundown.)