Phil Collins Shares My Thoughts On Google+

FYI…I won’t be taking the time to post on Google+ any longer. Today’s change of format there prompted me, but it’s been simmering in my mind for a while. It’s like this, in a toe-tapping nutshell,

Because the lights may be on over at Google+, but nobody is at home.  There are plenty of crickets chirping over there, though. Google+  is like the neutron bomb of social media.  There, I said it.

Au revoir, l’enfant terrible!

  • Clayton

    So the argument is that because it’s not popular, it’s worthless?

    Keep in mind that a similar attitude is used to dismiss the Church’s teaching, fundamental human rights, etc.

    I’m not saying that anyone is obliged to develop an apologetic for the existence of Google+. But I just wonder about the argument being advanced here. It seems a bit infected by the logic of our age. Popular = good.

    Just saying.

  • Paul Sofranko

    According to Google, there are 170 million users. G+ is only dead if you don’t bother to actively seek out people of interest. I have 600+ people in my Circles (mainly due to “Circle Sharing”) and 400+ have me in theirs (also probably due to “Circle Sharing”).

    It is hardly dead, if you agressively seek out users.

  • Clayton

    The crowded market is one place, but not the only place, where the Gospel needs to be preached. Evangelization is not a numbers game. Faithfulness, not success.

    There are people on the margins, and they, too, need the Gospel preached to them. There are plenty of people on Google+ that may not use Facebook, for any number of reasons. God doesn’t prize crowds, he prizes people.

  • Clayton

    I guess my point that dissing Google+ is not a principled position, really.

    It’s just the ever-present tendency to favor what is popular, dressed up in new clothes.

    Or yet another instance of expressing one’s personal preferences. Which is fine, as far as such things go. But certainly to be distinguished from a matter of principle.

    • Frank Weathers

      Alas, there is so much to do, and so little time. As it is, Google (the search engine) works better at bringing folks to the blog than Google+. Certainly, one can engage folks in both places, and anyplace, for that matter. Folks can always find me here, though.

      • Paul Sofranko

        I only found you here, though, because of your posts on Google+. ;-)

        • Frank Weathers

          Come on back now, ya hear? =D

  • Clayton

    That makes sense to me. Purely a marketing decision, rather than one driven by some Gospel imperative.

    • Frank Weathers

      Driven by both, actually.