Remember John Houseman in “The Paper Chase?”

Just the other day, Secretary Kathleen Sebelius got grilled by Congressman Trey Gowdy (R, S.C.) about the HHS Mandate, and the legal definitions of balance. I shared the video footage of the exchange on the blog’s Facebook page yesterday. Check it out for yourself at the Anchoress’ place.

It reminded me of exchanges like this one between John Houseman’s character, the esteemed Professor Kingsfield, master teacher of contract law, and a hapless student (Mr. Hart) as depicted in the movie The Paper Chase. There was a television series spun off from the film as well, which I used to watch and think, “man, I’m glad I’m not going to law school!”

In 1973, Houseman won an Oscar (Best Supporting Actor) for this role. Without further ado, here is a clip of Houseman at his finest.

YouTube Preview Image

That might be how the Honorable Secretary felt after her exchange with Rep. Gowdy.

  • Magister Christianus

    I remember the movie and was an avid fan of the television series. One of my favorite scenes was in an episode in which Hart went to see Kinsfield in his office. Kingsfield sat with his head down, working, and Hart, after waiting several moments, prodded him by saying, “You wanted to see me, Professor Kingsfield?” Still without looking up, Kingsfield replied in his characteristic slow, acid-dripping way, “Not in the least, but it seems that I must.” Deliciously harsh!