Cardinal Dolan on CBS This Morning with Charlie Rose

Yesterday I lamented the paucity of media coverage regarding the lawsuits filed by 40+ Catholic groups. It appears that the media outlets had some backing and filling to do. CBS again seems to be leading the way, at least in terms of getting the story out to the public and bringing in folks to get to the roots of it.

Here is Timothy Cardinal Dolan speaking with Charlie Rose on CBS This Morning. Charlie Rose and Erica Hill do a great job asking pertinent questions, while His Eminence is in his element explaining the whys and the wherefores of the lawsuit. He also discusses the controversy surrounding Catholic college commencement speakers and such. Have a look (please pardon any attempt to sell you beer and shampoo),

As I mentioned yesterday, birth control pill packages, etc. will always be floating in the background. Read more over at CBS.

Obviously, Cardinal Dolan can’t be everywhere, and on every network at the same time, but he lands on his feet and is a cheerful witness whenever he does.

  • Terrence P Tuffy

    The Cardinal makes the error in thinking that the president is sincere.

  • Joanne K McPortland

    No, he does the President the charity of not calling him a liar in public.

  • Tony Paskitti

    Cardinal Dolan makes some very good points about “Choking Mandates” and “Radically Intruding”. The church has been silent too long and the government is trying to roll over the church, sound familiar Germany 1938? I am so happy men like Cardinal Dolan are speaking out for us. Makes me want to become a Catholic. Only wish the church would encourage it’s members to read the Bible, especially Romans!

    • Frank Weathers
    • Cheyloe

      ‘Ey Tony! The Bible is an integral part of Catholic tradition–it’s considered a Catholic book. If you’re actually interested in joining the church, check out a local parish’s RCIA classes. They usually begin in August or September. There you’ll learn all about what the Church teaches and why, and you’ll see how all of our teachings are founded in Scripture. Starting RCIA doesn’t mean you absolutely HAVE to become Catholic, but the door is made wide open to you if you do. You’d be in there with mostly non-Catholics like yourself, and no question is a bad question. I went through it in 07-08 and I’m a cradle Catholic, haha! Either way, it’s still a great learning experience! :)