What Don’t You Know About the ACA? The Quiz Results Say “Lots” UPDATED

There’s lots that I don’t know too. Before you go getting all riled up, I’m not an apologist for the ACA. But I am an apologist for not going off half-cocked.

Sure, the word is that not many of our representatives in Congress even bothered to read it, etc., etc. Remember that fact in November. We Catholics know that the HHS Mandate is a major problem, and that the abortion provisions enabled under the current version of the ACA circumvent the possibility that abortions will ever attain the ideal of being “rare.”

But the Kaiser Family Foundation (Impure Source Alert —they receive funding from the William and Melinda Gates Foundation, which in some circles means the personification of all that is evil), has a little 10 question quiz that I figure you need to take. Not that I’m bragging, but I got 9 out of the 10 answers on the quiz correct. Seeing how several of the correct answers are arrived at by as few as 25% of the population, I reckon folks should take the quiz as a learning exercise if nothing else.

Here is the link to the Health Reform Quiz.

Let me know how you did below, with one caveat. I’m only interested in your quiz results, and what you found surprising. I’m really not interested in your reasons on why we can’t afford to reform healthcare, nor how you compare implementation with the worst case scenario of all your fears (say to the Post Office and the DMV [subsidiarity takes a big hit there!], but not to the Marine Corps, the FBI, or NASA.  All of which is asinine, anyway as insurance companies will implement this law, not monolithic government bureaucracies), etc., etc.

After all,  it’s a quiz and I’m on vacation. Learn a little, and have some fun.


The Court’s ruling and what it means for America, courtesy of Catholic Lane.

  • Shmikey

    The only one I missed was the panel question, only because I hadn’t heard that it was removed

  • Colet

    I got 90%. I answered #2 and #3 incorrectly.

    I am surprised I did so well. When the questions started coming, all I could think was: man, I’ve been so pissed about this whole thing that I don’t really know what is/is not in it.

    Thanks for the quiz. Have a great vacation!

  • Elaine Retz

    OK, I got a score of 7/10 BUT that is because I refused to answer the three questions I got wrong with the way I KNOW they want us to believe they should be answered. I will research them some more, but time will prove me right or wrong and by then it won’t matter. So, in effect, I can answer all 10 questions with the answers they say are correct.

  • Betsy

    I got them all right and I am bragging about it. ;-)
    Though it’s true that insurance companies provide the insurance, the government has a big say in how it will be done as we are now seeing with the HHS mandate.

  • http://elizabethk-fthnfort.blogspot.com/ Elizabeth K.

    I got 9/10, missed #3 (because, frankly, I think they are splitting hairs on this one, and I knew my answer was probably wrong in their view, but is correct in my view which takes into account what words actually mean).

  • math_geek

    10/10 , but I should be able to because I’m a health policy analyst. I understand the complaints about #3, but the quiz is technically correct when they use the term “previously provided to all people on Medicare.” Medicare Advantage is “available” to everyone but “provided” only to the people that opt for it.

  • MikeInVA

    It’s nothing but a push poll designed to shape a positive public perception of the ACA, and it does so in a disingenuous fashion by presenting itself as a non-partisan site. I got 9/10 correct, and I didn’t even bother to think about the questions. I just “Yes” for questions that were “Does the health care reform [do something positive]?” and “No” for questions that were “Does the health care reform [do something negative]?” I’m surprised it didn’t have an 11th question of “Would you like to make a donation to President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign and help to protect this important piece of reform legislation?”

  • Paulus

    10/10…but then after all my lernin’ at the u-nee-versty I am an expert test taker. Which says nothing about my knowledge of the subject matter.

    • Frank Weathers

      That’s “u-nee-versity,” Paulus. Ya gotta member how to spel two, if’n yer gonna pull that off. :)

  • Kristen inDallas

    Only missed 1, but since I hate not understanding things, can someone explain this question:
    “Will the health reform law cut benefits that were previously provided to all people on Medicare? ”
    Even the correct answer did not make sense to me.

    • http://heirsinhope.blogspot.com Alessandre

      thanks for asking this question, I have been confusing a previous PPACA affect on medicare w/ the final affect. anyway, Medicare Advantage (MA) exists now & will exist under 0-care but, there will be cuts in the plan. (so I was wrong in saying it will no longer be available.) it’s not viewed as a benefit but an option & it has never been provided to all people only those who want it (these are often sicker people who require better coverage than is available under traditional medicare). MA turns medicare into health insurance similar to that which one has at work. less expensive plans offer less coverage, more expensive ones offer more. the cuts will mean those who choose MA will have higher premiums & fewer benefits. the cuts will likely force many insurance companies to stop providing MA so more seniors & disabled will be forced back onto traditional medicare.

  • http://heirsinhope.blogspot.com Alessandre

    I got 8/10 because though I know how to pass tests such as these, I decided to answer honestly on two questions of great interest to me. 1) I answered the “cutting Medicare” question based on what was available to me when I rejected it & what will be available to me if 0-care isn’t repealed. 2) I said there would be a new govt run health program because expanding medicaid to cover anyone & everyone is a new govt program as far as I’m concerned. but, because medicaid already exists, technically they’re right. still, when a company makes changes to its heath coverage, everyone covered by the plan will be transferred to 0-care. that’s a new program even if it’s hidden in the shell of an old one. as for the other questions, I lapsed into passing mode.