Because You Can Never Learn Too Much About The Faith UPDATED


The folks over at John Paul the Great Catholic University have a great idea that will be good for the whole family. It’s a course on  The Pillars of Catholicism, built around the 13 pillars in the graphic above.

I like the number 13. It’s the one that comes after 12. And it looks to be a great way to spend 13 hours or so over the next 13 weeks. Here’s a taste from the trailer that JPGCU posted on YouTube,

YouTube Preview Image

You’ll have access to: Videos, Lecture Notes, Readings, Study Guides, Quizzes all for the low, low, price of FREE. Registration begins at their website on August 20th. Be there, or be square.

While you wait for Monday to roll around, go like their Facebook page.

UPDATE: Robert Royal on Work, Pray, Study.


  • Anna Dawson

    Might point out to whomever made the graphic that ‘marriage’ is misspelled.

    Otherwise looks good!

  • Jeannee

    Thank you for pointing this out to us! One question: since (and I agree!) Catholics don’t know their faith, why isn’t it taught in small doses during the homily, instead of these Catholic Lite sermons so many modern priests give us?!