Paul Ryan Said He’s Pro-Life (Except in Cases of Rape)? Here’s What Happened Next…UPDATED

When I heard the news, I was just having some tea, see, and then BAM! I threw an epic fit. Think zero to 100mph to zero in 11 seconds flat. It looked sort of like this (many thanks to Alan Rickman for playing the part of your intrepid blogger).

YouTube Preview Image

Heh. That’s what I think of Ryan’s “accommodation.” Perhaps I’m a simpleton, but you can’t be “degrees” of Pro-Life. You’re either 0 or 100%. Wasn’t the story that the Republicans just adopted a 100% Pro-Life platform just released?

You know what Mr. Rickman? You did a right fine job of capturing my mood when I heard this “news.” Let’s see my reaction again, please. Except this time, let’s see it in super-duper slow motion and make 11 seconds of righteous indignation last  for 6:45 of poetry in motion.  Trust me, you’re going to want to watch the whole thing. Maybe even more than once.


Epic Tea Time, indeed.  Go here to learn more about David Michalek.

And if you missed the news on Paul Ryan, Deacon Greg can fill you in. And the Curt Jester can explain the word that  sick-bay commandoes can spell backwards and forwards. It starts with a “W,” and it doesn’t rhyme with “win.”

Let your voice be heard. Send Romney/Ryan some feedback today.

UPDATE: Kathy Schiffer has Rebecca’s story.

  • Scott

    I think this is more Rep. Ryan simply trying to convey his views in the “soundbite” news media he has to work with. It would take several minutes to explain moral reasoning such as the double-effect, and a lecture on it would confuse most people who heard it and probably enrage both side. This is an easy way to sound less like an “extremist” (God I hate that word when it is used to describe us who believe people have the right to be born) and try to not drive people away. I think this is solely a political move and not his true views. Does that make it right? No. Not at all. Lying is lying and is morally wrong. But the man is in an extraordinary situation and we should give him the benefit of a doubt, especially when he is trying to defeat President Barack Obama who is the most extremely pro baby-killing President of all time. If Rep. Ryan is lying about the “in case of rape” exception, then he has to answer to God for a lie. He is isn’t lying about it, then he would REALLY have to answer to God for his views that go against natural law. But considering what he is trying to do, I don’t think he should have to answer to us unless he winds up signing this exception into law (which as VP he would never do). However, I believe such a law would be a step in the right direction in the brick-by-brick way the Culture of Life will be rebuilt.

  • marya

    I don’t know how to answer this. If Ryan publicly affirms that he opposes abortion in all cases, even in the case of rape, then his candidacy and Romney’s candidacy, is effectively destroyed. I have too many liberal/ progressive friends to think otherwise. They and their allies in the media would hound him, attack him and mock him incessantly from now to Election Day, just like they are hounding, attacking and mocking Akins. Yet opposition to abortion is a non- negotiable issue. What it means, I’m afraid, is no truly prolife candidate will be elected President or Vice-President anytime soon. Though I pray it will be otherwise, the response to Akin’s comments hows me exactly what would happen in Ryan’s case.

  • workingclass artist

    so my choices are Romney/Ryan….or the disaster of Obama/Biden?


  • Andy

    The RR statement shows what is wrong with expecting one party or the other to do what is right. The folks running for office are politicians. They will say whatever they need to say to be elected. Romney was not pro-life until forced to be during the primary season. Ryan as second fiddle will not be able to have any impact on the policies of the federal government. In fact in my more or less cynical mind I see the Republicans as far more more duplicitous then the Democrats. The Republicans give lip service to wanting to stop the abortion industry, and when in power at the national level do little about it. The Republicans do not want to interfere with the abortion industry because it gives them an issue to attract voters. At the Democrats let you know where they stand – not that I agree, but at least I can know my enemy. That is why since I have been eligible to vote I have voted for a third party candidate – primarily so the party can stay on the ballot.

    • Doug Thornton

      Great comment Andy.