The Tragic Tale of State-Sponsored Eugenics, Made Personal UPDATED

Elaine Riddick and her son

Back on Friday, I shared some information on our nations history with you that wasn’t very pretty.  Though a lot of folks read the post, and shared the post, it should come as no surprise that not many folks “liked” the post. Given the subject matter, that is to be expected, as forced/coerced sterilizations of folks who were labeled as “undesirables” doesn’t exactly warm the cockles of our hearts.

As you may recall, the post was inspired by a story I heard on NPR about forced sterilizations in North Carolina, though I had concentrated on sharing the toll from data about California’s foray into the morally objectionable field of eugenics.The following video clip was shared in the combox in that post, along with more information about Margaret Sanger’s (the founder of Planned Parenthood) support of these programs.

Watch the story of Elaine Riddick, on Brian Williams’ show Rock Center and learn how the tragedy of being raped when she was 13 years old was compounded by what doctors working for the state of North Carolina did to her at age 14 after delivering the son she carried to term as a result of the crime. It’s breathtaking, heartbreaking, and inspiring all at the same time.

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As rape is much in the news these days, as a politician, confused with how the female reproductive system works, said some really aisine things recently about an act he called “legitimate(?)” rape. No wait, he meant “forceable” rape, which doesn’t matter either, for rape, is rape, is rape; a heinous crime that can result in pregnancy approximately 5% of the time.

What is the value of Elaine’s life? What is the value of her son’s life? You know the answer. And if you don’t, just look at the two of them together.

H/T, and much more on this subject, thanks to SaynsmumThn’s Blog.

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  • Craig Storms

    Maafa 21 The History of Eugenics In America Part 1 of 13
    A documentation of the modern eugenic movement in America.

  • Jennifer

    Frank, the spotted elephant in the middle of this news video is that Williams and the female reporter refuse to acknowledge the role of Margaret Sanger in the eugenics movement. They profile the Proctor & Gamble founder, and Hanes, but they will not name Sanger. Why? They know damn well she was Miss Eugenics U.S.A. and that her beliefs live on today in Planned Parenthood. And that’s the bottom line: they will not criticize PP, or draw attention to the evils of PP’s founder. To do so would be unthinkable for them. They are just as dishonest and self-serving and evil as the doctors, social workers, and legislators behind the forced sterilizations they are now decrying.

    Shame on Williams. He sits there remarking, ‘This is America, for God’s sake!” yet he won’t admit that the eugenics spirit is alive and well and thriving at every PP in the country thanks to Sanger. No, the secular left has canonized Sanger and rewritten her life’s work into a noble and heroic novel. Sick.

    Bravo again to you, Frank. This is incredible blogging you’re doing. Keep shining the light on this.