When They Make A Movie About The Man Who Fell To Earth…

Felix Baumgartner, first supersonic human

The lead will be played by Mark Wahlberg. Or at least he should get the role. They look like twins.


Let’s get busy Hollywood!

Oh, wait. No, not this movie starring David Bowie.

You mean you missed Felix’s jump from 128,100 feet? Here you go, from lift off to touch down.

YouTube Preview Image



  • Ted Seeber

    I actually find this to be a bittersweet achievement. It’s a sad day when you realize an energy drink company has a better manned space program than the United States of America.

  • moses

    Hi Frank, a bit off topic but just wondering since you are a former military man, what is the equivalent rank of a centurion in modern army? Curious…

    • Frank Weathers

      Something like a Company Commander, which would ordinarily be a Captain in the Army/Marines.